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    I have followed the article, but the diapers just won't fit right in the waist. Is there a way to fix this? I have made four of them and none of them are secure enough.

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    You will probably need to give more details about how or why it is not fitting before anyone with experience in this can help you.

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    What am I missing here??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sithlord8448 View Post
    I have followed the article...
    What article are you referring to? Do you have a link?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    What article are you referring to? Do you have a link?
    Probably this one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sithlord8448 View Post
    There, I clarified my post.
    Really? In that case, I'd say a clarification of your clarification is in order! Are they slipping down, or...?

    To some extent, being able to securely wear a diaper requires having certain curves, and sizing your diaper so that it meets those curves in the right way. Things are more difficult if you're a stick, or have a profile like an ice cream cone or something. Can't help ya there. (Suspenders might be able to!) ((FWIW, I'm one of those stocky, meaty kinda guys, so I've got my own fitting problems--large thighs, for instance, which make finding well-fitting plastic pants a neat trick.))

    So assuming that you've got at least a modest rump and hips, and that these things stand proud of the rest of you--or are at least "local maxima": You'll need to make sure that your diaper is long enough so that, when you fasten it, you're snugging it around your midsection above these things. Otherwise it's just going to fall down. A diaper can ride a bit low in front if you like, but seldom can it ride low on the hips, and never on the butt. You need those things to keep your diaper up. So my first guess, in lieu of any clarity, would be that you need to make the diaper longer.

    You also haven't said whether you're doing this with a cloth towel or with paper towels. The article discusses both. It adds, "If you're using a cloth diaper, pin the diaper on first." ...which is a really good idea. Even when not soaked with urine or otherwise burdened, a cloth towel has a good bit of weight to it, and trusting to the frictionless surface of a garbage bag (or similar) to keep it in place would be foolish.
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