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Thread: I actually like being diapered how about you?

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    Default I actually like being diapered how about you?

    Being diapered is fun, I actually really enjoy it. Besides the functionality for me, being diapered is comfortable.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Especially if they actually need to be diapered? Some diapers are just really comfortable. Others not so much.

    I don't think I'd leave the lifestyle of being a DL even if they were to fix my IC issues. I would remain diapered simply because I do enjoy it.

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    I do too and when I have surgery to remove my cancer and bladder due to cancer pushing against my bladder I am telling the surgeon that I choose to wear diapers the rest of my life as opposed to a urostomy

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    I can either go with or without. It's not like it rules my life or anything...

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    I'm a DL too, and I really think it's cool for people, young and old, to wear diapers if they need them.

    I work at a Boy Scout Camp, and in one of the campsites' restrooms, I saw a GoodNites in the trash can. I was happy for whoever he was, but kinda jealous, because I wish GoodNites were around when I needed them when I was a scout.

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    It's harder when you are Incontinent and have no choice as to whether to wear a diaper or take a risk. Working in a warehouse environment that is too big of a risk for me to take. So I take a restroom break about halfway between start of shift and lunch (usually reserve diaper changes for lunch). And I usually go between the breaks after lunch. I use a pull-on diaper with extra stuffers for work. Now for home and out and about I usually wear either Bambino Magnifico, ABU Preschools, or Little Pawz.

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    i live in an RV and been in my camping club for three years and have yet to hook up to my septic tank (I will point out i go to one of the 'rest stations' for after coffee evacuation). Wearing diapers is so much more convenient, if i am working on my computer or around my site i don't have to stop what i am doing and being an avid coffee drinker that can mean once every fifteen minutes or so. So on a practical level they make sense, but yes, i do love the way they feel as well; and it isn't always so much a sexual thing, as a matter of fact it rarely is.

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    I like to wear diaper as much as I can I don't wear to work though I wish I did cuz I work in a quarry and the only bathroom is a cross the street and believe me even you would have second thoughts about using it but when I do wear I use bambinos or tranquility atns

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    From a practical standpoint, they're pretty poor for me. I don't need to go often, the padding can do unpleasant things, like bunch up or clump, and chafing can result when you're active. They're not very good in heat, and of course there's always the question of discretion. This hasn't stopped me from being 24/7 for over eight months now. The negatives are factored into my thinking and the difficulty often adds to the fun (for lack of a better term).

    I think my feelings for them will always be conflicted. The conflict keeps it interesting to me. If I needed them, I would need to come to some different way of thinking to keep them fun.

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    for me the real safety wearing due IC, is ever so present, i enjoy wearing diapers, and adding pvc pants a onesie or care overalls ( with zipper between legs) is just as comforting as it is practical !
    in my country it's pretty warm, wearing diapers is not the most comfortable thing, but that how things are.
    i love my onesie because i can get more milage out of a diaper ( getting it snug to my body so that the absorbancy can do it's job as good as it can be)
    from a practical point, i would love a pvc onesie with bloomer pants..

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    Oh heck YES! I've always loved wearing diapers. Sure it was tough when I became incontinent and that choice was taken from me, but thinking about it, I had already made that choice to wear them even before that.

    I too would not stop wearing a diaper even if I was made continent again. It isn't as tough as some make it out to be, only as much as you make it.

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