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Thread: My plan for washing my ab clothes with my ordinary clothes

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    Default My plan for washing my ab clothes with my ordinary clothes

    Since in the future I'll be wearing onesies and such more I'm figured out a way to wash them without anybody knowing, I could baby clothes in the back of the washing machine and have ordinary in front , then when I get my clothes, mix them up and put them in the basket and then hang ab clothes on bedposts to dry and hang out ordinary clothes outside to dry, then when my dad and his gf are out, iron my clothes as normal and nobody will be wiser!

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    I know you can get like bags that hold socks etc so they dont get lost in the washing maybe this is a better idea?

    Cause everything gets tossed around in the washing machime so no guarantee it will stay at the back.

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    I just take my onesies and baby clothes and put them in the washer at the laundromat with the rest of my clothes. They go in the dryer the same way. I don't hang clothes so they go right back in the basket

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    I put my stuff in a pillow case and then tie it closed with a zip tie or piece of string. Putting them in the back of the dryer won't do any good as clothes get fully tossed around and circulated. Those things would be visible inside for the curious. It's also what I do if I'm washing a pair of shoes to prevent them from marring up the inside surface of the dryer.

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    Good job I have a couple of pillow case spare but will the clothes inside it still get washed?

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    As long as there is ample room for it to be tossed around and there is air flow, you should be OK. I've used this method for washing cloth diapers. Just throw it in there with your other clothes to be washed and forget about it.

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