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Thread: Tena Slip Active vs old Tena Slip Maxi

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    Default Tena Slip Active vs old Tena Slip Maxi

    I browsed related topics and didn't find much of a one-on-one comparison between these two. I'm almost out of my Tena Slip Maxi I've been slowing using, and wondering how the new version compare. I see the main difference is the tapes; no more awesome landing zone they previously had, and only the double blue/white tapes which are also wider (maybe not a bad thing, but the old narrow ones stuck so well for the smaller amount of surface area there was and was just unique and looked clean). What are the other differences? Performance, sizing, thickness, swelling, absorbancy, capacity...? Or are they pretty much the same otherwise? Thanks!

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    for me I missed out on the earlier ones and have only had the cloth ones we have in this country, which to be fair are absorbent but but not the most comfortable things to wear, especially a super when it really is wet.

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    Im also curious. I loved the old TSMaxi and not sold on these new ones. Been buying ID slips and although not as crinkly as the old tenas they still feel great to wear. If the new tenas were the exact same materials and thickness ill probably buy so im keen to hear

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    It's got some pros and cons... but overall it serves the purpose that the old one did (for me).

    It's a great low-bulk, lightweight diaper that I could wear under nearly any outfit. It'll handle 1-2 wettings without a problem (I never push them.. because it's a thinner daytime diaper) and has the same sizing as the old Slip Maxi. The latest model they put out replaced that horrific 'active' model with cloth sides. The wings are now plastic, designed just how the Slip Maxi was.

    However, I think it's a little thinner, has less of the stretchy-ness in its waistband, and doesn't have a landing zone anymore.

    It certainly has a place in my stash, but is never my go-to diaper !

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    FYI I just got a bag of the "new" Tena Slip Active. They are identical to the (discontinued?) Tena Slip Maxi original plastic diapers. Same exact thing in a different bag.

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