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    Default traveling in October

    Okay to I'm sure this question is going to sound redundant, but here goes.

    So I'm flying to the east coast in October, I'm planning on being diapered the entire way there and back (2 8 hour flights).

    I'll be gone the 5th through the 8th, so that's 3 nights so I'll need enough for that, plus enough for daytime and accidents.

    I'm trying to gauge how many diapers I should pack. My average is roughly 3/day so I'm anticipating that plus some extra.

    My flight diaper is going to be (more than likely anyway) one of the black seduction ones from rearz, just for added security from leaks. My other option (that I am considering) is the Magnifico from rearz. I got my sample pack today and they are really comfy. I could see myself sitting in one for 8 hours.

    As my backup are the northshore air. They look comfy.

    Now for those who travel diapered what is your "go to". Which (in your opinion) diaper is best suited for air travel.
    What I'm looking for is:
    Absorbency/how much they hold
    Semi-discreet (in really don't care if it's a puffy diaper or not as I'm going through security undiapered)
    Secure from leaks/odor control

    Hit me with your best info!!! I'm all ears.

    Side note.
    I'll be traveling to the Sierra Nevada mountains in August for 3 days 2 nights. I'll be without any way of being discreet when it comes to disposal. I'll be in a cabin that has a trash can but we only take it when it's full.
    Are there any disposal bags that reduce odor? I am considering buying those scented trash bags.
    What say you? Let the masses speak!!!

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    I always just use confidry when travelling, which is my usual diaper. Figure out how many you need each day, add one for night, and multiple that by how many days you'll be travelling. Now multiple that by 125%. That's about how many you'll want to take.

    Remember, its no big deal to take more than you need, but if you run out then it is a big deal. I've found when travelling, my nomal water and food intake no longer applies. I might pee way more than usual, and need more than I had figured. Having that extra supply of diapers is quite the necessity.

    Also, if you're taking a lot, pack all your diapers in a seperate bag. You can check it for free when flying, and it won't count against your normal bag limit. Elsewise, buy your diapers online and have them shipped to your hotel. This way you won't have to lug them around with you. Do call the hotel first though, and make sure they will hold them for you.

    Also take several diapers with you in a carryon. Checked luggage can get lost or delayed, and you may need to change on the airplane or even immediately after deboarding.

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    I always travel with a LOT of extras.

    Last week I went to TX for 5 days. So I brought 9 night time diapers (BetterDry). You just never know when you'll get defective tapes, a tear or just a crazy overly wet night and need to change in middle of the night.

    For daytime, I usually go through 3-4 Northshore Supreme Lites. That would be 15-20 diapers. I packed 30 plus the 9 night time ones.

    Ended up bringing diapers home, but it's better to have and not need than need and not have. You never know if a flight will get seriously delayed or canceled or several diapers in a pack defective.

    For me this pretty much means always bringing an extra checked suitcase full of just diapers.

    You can also ship a case or 2 ahead to your hotel.

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    This all is sound advice.
    So doing the math 2 nights 3 days plus flight
    4 nighttime
    Minimum of 12 day times (plus a few extra) and flight and airports probably 3 or 4.

    I won't be wearing briefs due to they don't hold a lot, so I think my diaper of choice is northshore air with max absorbency, I have some of those and they so far are working. They are a good nighttime diaper, a bit bulky for daytime use but since we all know how air travel can be having enough or more protection than you need is better than having too little or (as scary as it is) none at all.

    So probably going to need minimally 30 diapers in various forms. I'll probably pack some briefs as a absolute back up.

    15 day and 15 night this makes sense to me due to as MassIncon said things can go wrong, a tear a bad tape. In this case more the merrier.

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    When traveling I usually pack my best for overnight one for each night, (safari) plus one spare, and two for each day I'll be there, plus a few spare of those also, and then one for the way home. Better to pack too many than too few.

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