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Thread: Baby Diaper scents

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    Default Baby Diaper scents

    So, I work in retail and every night I work i sweep the floor and I go be the diaper isle and I just love the smell of those diapers. One, that's probably weird and 2, are there any scent thingies to make my car or my room smell like that. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Everytime I have my car wash they always ask me what scent do I want and I always choose baby powder. I wonder what they use and hope they made one of those febreeze plug in like that. Also for some reason I
    Always get nervous when I got to the diaper isle for some reason lol

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    In the dollar store in Canada you can get a baby powder air freshener. They're great

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    I love the smell of pampers, I wish someone could get that scent in a liquid bottle so I could spray a little in every diaper. I like to keep a small back of pampers in my diaper closet and rip the top off of it so the smell permeates the area.
    ABU has tried to replicate the pampers smell, it smells pleasant but really not the smell I'm looking for, rearz has a scent that is a little closer to the pampers smell.
    Hell when I wear a pampers stuffer the wet diaper smell even smells good to me. IDK I know I'm weird and I'm ok with that.

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    I just get a pack of pampers scented baby wipes. They are so strong smelling I can smell them in my room x3

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    Quote Originally Posted by PyjamaBaby View Post
    In the dollar store in Canada you can get a baby powder air freshener. They're great
    Is there a website I can get them from?

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    Today you might work for company x. Ten years from now you may manage company x.

    Scent is not private outside you home and is not unlike smoking in a non smoker's space.

    I did this lots when younger and regret it.

    Now I want to be known as someone who did x or managed y, not the person who stank of baby scent at public space z.

    One cannot take those impacts on others back.

    Now I still at times like baby scent products, so I still use them, but I keep the in private space where I have control over who sees this part of myself.

    Other's judge. It would be good if they didn't but, they do.

    Diapers can be discrete but scent isn't.

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    I too work in a place where I can pass through a pleasantly smelling diaper aisle on a regular basis.

    As for your question, I usually keep ABU Lavenders under my bed to give my room the same scent.

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    amouage gold man is a scent that comes very close in many ways to vintage Pampers. It is very expensive, but you can find samples for about $10. If it had a tinge of orange, it would nail it. It is amazing how one scent would seem out of place, Orange for example, but blend it with other things and you get something totally different.

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    I too wish for at least the ABDL diapers to be scented with that exact scent, or at least replicas like SDK. Makes sense considering your smell nerves connect to your brain exactly where your long term memory is. This is why certain scents bring us back to a place in time. Or a smell can bring back memories.

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