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Thread: wanting a two week vacation from adulting.

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    Default wanting a two week vacation from adulting.

    Hello I have this life goal of having a two week vacation from adulting. i.e. Taking a vacation and secretly babying out for two weeks (or one if circumstances do not allow two) with no adult responsibilities. Does anyone else have this goal/dream or have you already achieved it? If so please share your experience/dream. Mine involves a lot of napping and multiple supply runs being that it's two weeks, other than that I don't have much else yet.

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    Might I suggest a road trip. Not sure where you are from, but I drove from Ohio to the Grand Canyon last spring... diapered all the way. Saw old Route 66 attractions. Had no real adult responsibilities other than driving.

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    Ho yea. But we not doing two weeks, well not yet. Issac is going first and I am going to be his big.
    We are doing a weekend in July.

    He is going to give me the responsibility of looking after him, he will give up being an adult for about 48 hours.

    Alot of planing has gone into the weekend.

    He would like to go further and have a pushchair, and a cot. But we not going to be able to get one this time.

    It my turn for a weekend in November. I will be regressing in to and baby's mind set, the only thing with that is when I am there I not able to form words, so I not going to have a safe word. But I trust him so it should be ok.

    I might get tired by him in November as well. We see. Never be tied up before don't know how it will help with being in Little space, but I up for the experience.

    Hope you get to do your two weeks seems to be a long time in little space.


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    My dream will be made when I take a week off for Teddycon this year. I plan to be little most if not the entire time I'm there. Probably going to be the best R&R ever for me haha. I have so much vacation time I was considering maybe taking 2 weeks off for Teddycon, but I'm not sure yet.

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