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Thread: UK: finding short term help at bed time

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    Does anyone have experience with this? Having nocturnal enuresis since late teens, I have always dealt with my own nappy at night... however a recent accident has seriously damaged one of my wrists. Last night I just about managed, but it was very painful. I looks like it will be weeks until my wrist is better and in the mean time I'm thinking about getting some help.
    Really awkward for me as I value my independence. Are there any good care providers in the uk? I'm rather apprehensive about it but not really sure what to do.
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    Sorry that I don't live in the UK and can't be of much help. Also, sorry about your wrist too; I know that sucks. As far as diapers (nappies as you call them across the pond) go; If you use tape-on and have this kind of injury; I would suggest going to some pull-ons. They may not work as well as tape-ons; but any protection is better than none.

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    I don't live in the UK I'm in the confused states of America but I can tell you here a fulltime aide will run about 11.40 per hour , part time will cost more and finding part timers is very difficult ,on top of that finding a person and liking and trusting that person to access your home and perform intimate care is sometimes a tough road to hoe ,sometimes by the time you find a person and get the paperwork done ( yes this idea repulsed me ) but if really stuck going for respite care at a nursing home or assisted living is many times easier for the short time you will need assistance .it could be different in the UK so I hope somebody eith local knowledge can help you because no would love to know as well.

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    Pre-tape the side you're having difficulty with.

    Hopefully by now you should already know almost exactly where the tapes normally land after you've gotten a good fit. So, before you put the diaper on, pre-tape that one side at the same spots. Slide it on as best as you can, then tape up the other side using your good wrist. You should still be able to get it on decently good, and hopefully with less pain.

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    Since you are in the UK, it would be a good idea to speak with your doctor (GP) about this. Also I suspect that in your area there should be an Incontinence and Urology clinic (for which you DON't need a referral from your GP) and they should also be able to help.

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