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Thread: My Big has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act

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    Unhappy My Big has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act

    Hi everyone.

    Well those that follow my little ramblings on hear. Know I have my Paddy he is kind of my Big/ adopted son. Anyway he is a Middle.

    A couple of days ago he tried to commit suicide.

    And now he has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act wich is an Act under UK low. That means health care workers / police can stop him from trying to kill him self.

    I know that there will be people out there that have experience of being in a mental health psychiatric unit. I was hoping you could tell me about your experiences.

    Has for me I just won't to go AB Little and be held / nursered. So bad I keep crying. Just won't my Paddy or My Issac to be with me. But there isn't anyone with me physically. So I just have to carry on being a big boy over it all.

    Thinking of calling Paddy "Quiter" but not sure if that would really help.

    And help and advice would be great thanks guides.


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    I would be really careful right now if I were you. If the police can legally have an extraordinary level of surveillance on him, how long until they discover his "little" secret? Even if nothing they find is technically illegal, no one wants to be on law enforcement's figurative "radar" for being involved in this "kink."

    And if they find out about you from their dealings with him, now you're facing the posibility of being on the hot seat. God forbid some evil, sub human monster in your neighborhood ever does something horrific to a child, and you find yourself labeled a "person of interest." And as I recall, weren't you terminated from a job over your littleness being discovered on your social media? That just makes you even more vulnerable.

    I'm not meaning to scare you--or maybe I actually am. This deal should probably scare us all. At the very least, it should serve as a cautionary tale: NEVER surrender your annonymity when posting about being little.

    Having said all that, here's to hoping your friend gets the help he needs. Good luck to you both.

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    Well paddy is a person of interest all ready. Not becouse of Peterfeler. But becouse of his criminal past.

    He has been trying so hard to be the man that Society want him to be, I think he just cracked.

    I keep my little activities with in our community and off social media.

    I don't really like doing that becouse I am not a shamed of be a Little.

    I have accepted how I am. O.K so I'm not what Society will see as normal. But what is normal anyway. For us wearing Diapers is see as normal and a conversation on which brand of diaper is better is Commonplace.

    But you would not get that outside our community talking about Adult Diapers would not be see as normal.

    And there are other littles out there that post video and pichure of there lives for everyone to see and read.

    But not me. No Fair.

    I think that why I have written a book . Wich will be out soon.

    But now the mental health are involved well I just need help know how to deal with them.

    Becouse what we do can be seen as a mental health issues.

    "Infantilism" also known as “Autonepiophilia”

    Autonepiophilia, from the Greek auto (meaning self), nepon (meaning infant), and philia (meaning attachment), is a paraphilia that's also known as

    What does infantilism mean? Infantilism means childlike behaviour.

    Infantilism or Autonepiophilia: is the mental health condition where a person stops being able to function as an adult mentally.

    It not seen as normal behaviour, even though it quite normal to us.
    Just becouse we spend time not be a grown up don't make us weird, or does it? I am weird? Hee, hee.

    We have to get a balance between living in the grownup world where we go to work to earn money to pay bills and baying food. You know boring adult stuff and being the child that we are within. When we get the balance right we fly. As it says in J.M. Barrie,*Peter Pan “All you need is a little faith, trust, and pixie dust.

    What is faith in Hebrews 11:1*“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen?”

    Or " i reject your reality and substitute it with my own. " Adam Savage

    Because of our childlike nature we have imagination and vision of what things can be and pixie dust is self-belief that we can do anything we put our minds to.

    After all you do believe in fairies don’t you?

    I would like any advice on helping my Paddy not to feel the way he does and to help him get better because wanting to commit suicide is not good.

    I thought I know depression through what i weant through but not like this.



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    I'm sorry to hear your Paddy is doing so poorly. This must be very hard for you. It is always hurtful when a loved one tries to hurt themselves.
    Though I can understand you being upset with him I wouldn't lash out. The last thing he needs right now is more self loathing.

    I hope that Paddy receives compassionate treatment and that this can help him heal from whatever it is he is going through.

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    I think for both your sakes you both might need some "big time" regression by its very nature increases vulnerability, you need to be strong for him as he may need you now more then you need him

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    I voluntarily checked myself into a mental unit before my experience there was they figured out what what was causing me to want to kill myself and treated me for major depressive disorder found out what meds would help then after ten days of treatment they discharged me

    My advice is to visit him as much as you can if allowed just so he knows you care about him and he is not alone and that you will be the there for him

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyatte View Post
    I voluntarily checked myself into a mental unit before my experience there was they figured out what what was causing me to want to kill myself and treated me for major depressive disorder found out what meds would help then after ten days of treatment they discharged me

    My advice is to visit him as much as you can if allowed just so he knows you care about him and he is not alone and that you will be the there for him

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    Harr thank you.

    Only 10 day is not long I was thinking 4 to 8 weeks maybe longer.

    I visiting as much as posable. But he is waiting to find out where there is a bed in a psychiatric unit.

    He could be sent anywhere in the UK for treatment.

    If he isn't too far away it would make it really hard to do any visits.

    I just have to wait and see where they find a bed for him.

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    Have a look at what the mental health act is. Im not familiar with how it is written in the UK but i know that in Australia, it is written that you are only to hold someone against their will when there is no way to guarantee their safety. In these instances there is a timeframe as to how long they can do that against someone's will (before needed it to go to a tribunal to get he case assessed and a longer involuntary treatment order issues).

    As far as i am aware, in most instances at that initial time when someone has attempted and may be taken into hospital (or voice the desire/need to commit suicide) that person can be held if it seems reasonable that they may carry that out for a maximum of 12 hours (without a psychiatrist being involved). If after 12 hours they are assessed to still be a danger then a psychiatrist reviews the person and can extend it to a total of 36 hours in order to complete a full assessment. Be aware that this is the Australian version, so you need to see what the UK is all about.

    During that period, the person will be assessed and it will be determined if they need involuntary treatment. This is often not the case as most people will volunatrily agree to reamin for treatment purposes. The only times when someone is kept against their will past this initial assessment period is when they are clearly a danger to themselves, to others or there is no way that they can be reasoned with/understand that they need treatment. This is when it will progress to a tribunal level and that person will be recommended to be held for treatment. Often times, these periods arent too long (1 week or so) as once medications start to work and ther person is feeling better they may be able to go home if they agree for follow-up and to continue taking the medications. It's rare now that someone is kept for weeks to months at a time against their will for attempting to commit suicide (unless they are very unstable and have a lot of other mental health issues). The only times I've seen people kept longer than a week are people who are psychotic or suffer from schizophrenia and have stopped taking there medications. Occassionally there are people with bipolar disorder that may have a slightly longer stay, but usually this is not the case.

    I read above that someone suggested you be careful about being AB at home. If your partner/boyfriend/big/caretaker/etc is put under the mental health act it only applies to that person and not others around them. (i.e. dont expect the police to randomly knock on your door because they saw you in a diaper). They dont do survelience at the persons's house or anything like that. The point of detaining someone is to ensure they remain in a safe environment, which means they stay at the hospital.

    Lastly, siysiy, try to be supportive. I know you might want to regress due to being stressed from all of this happening. But making someone feel bad or calling him names or a "quitter". Mental health issues aren't something you can just turn on and off, trust me as i know and have dealt with depression for the last 4 years on my own without support from family (i didnt tell them because i was ashamed to). You need to be supportive to help him get better. Creating guilt is not a good thing to do (and from what i have seen, people who feel guilt are more likely to have another episode of severe depression/suicidal ideation and are more likely to be successful as they dont want the guilt feeling to happen again. Guilt is a very powerful motivator and not many people know that it is very much a silent killer (as everyone focuses on the sadness of depression and not the embarrassment and guilt that happens after).

    I know you said that "paddy" was a person of interest with the police. This has no weighing in wheather they will keep him for mental health assessment or not. The mental health workers/psychiartists are only interested in the here and now. Wheather he has been involved in the police or not is not something they are interested in. They may discuss that when he gets better but the first priority is to make someone safe and start the healing. Everything else can come later.

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    Also forgot before, You should absolutely not call him a quitter, anyone in the mindset of killing themselves obviously has issues with guilt and self hate, and adding that kind of negativity on top of them is almost certainly going to not have a positive impact on their already fragile mental state. He might not be able to continue being the "paddy" you knew before, but you have to understand that if you care about him and really want whats best for him.

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    I have been 'sectioned' and am not at all ashamed to share it.

    Depression and anxiety are just part of who I am. I also build spaces people love, have a university degree, own my own home and lots of other great stuff.

    Had people living next door to me a while back and they were both tenured university profs. Great jobs, house, money and all the 'outside' stuff but one of them had a suicide attempt.

    So I hope you can see things in context. See the strong in a person, even when they have a time when they are not.

    When I was in hospital, it was something that needed to happen. Like the check engine light on the car. Something needs to be looked at and perhaps some something needs to be different.

    What helped me was others who just showed up and showed they cared. "Do you need anything?". "I care about you because you are / do xyz"

    Depression can distort thinking and may put one out of tune with what is real.

    Re-affirm why you value this person and have spent x years with them.

    May be a good time to be a bit of a 'daddy' to your 'paddy'.

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