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    Just put my Nappy on, had a wee and it has leaked, these are definitely a brand I will never buy again, they don't even feel like Nappies, so thin, horrible fit, leaked already after one wee

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    Yeah, not all diapers are made equally. You get what you pay for, and you will definitely want something better for next time.

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    You certainly do have alot of problems buying diapers... have you actually ever had one that hasn't left you with this experience? If so, you should probably stick with that diaper and use them as long as they are produced and avoid other brands.

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    ID Slip, that I got in America is pretty good. They aren't comparable to Dry 24/7 or ABDL diapers, but for the cost, they are a decent diaper, better than Abena IMO.

    It seems that you're having a lot of trouble with diapers, most threads you've posted on have been negative towards the product. I think it may be time to do some research and perhaps work toward making adjustments to make your experiences better.

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    Which ones were they? The yellow ones are terrible as are all the others. But the Green PE ones are ok for the money. They are similar to BetterDry in the sense that they are cheap, & as a result, have NO landing Strip. So they cannot be put on very tight.

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    These nappies are awesome. The plastic backed ones anyway, are nearly (but not quite) as good as the old Tena Slip Maxi.

    I find them really absorbent, comfy, a nice crinkle and great value for money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryano View Post

    These nappies are awesome. The plastic backed ones anyway, are nearly (but not quite) as good as the old Tena Slip Maxi.

    I find them really absorbent, comfy, a nice crinkle and great value for money.
    I've seen people complain about confidry prematurely leaking on them. And they are arguably the best out there. The problem is that not everyone will have a body shape that is compatible with even the best diapers out there.

    It's unfortunage, but when that happens you've just got to start looking at different brands. I always recommend more than just samples, since it takes more like a bag to fully test any diaper in multiple situations. Just start buying one brand after anither.

    Make sure to test out a dozen or more brands too. At least enough to get two or three brands you can reasonably trust. This way, if your favorite brand is out of stock, you'll already have a backup you can get.

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    I use these all the time and have done for a few years now and they are awesome, never had one leak on me. I much prefer them to Abena M4's or the original Tena Slip maxi. I've even taken them on holiday to wear in the hotels and whilst travelling with not a worry. They can gold loads.

    As has been said everyone has a different body so has different experiences. It might be the way you are putting them on though.....

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    Sorry guys, I have a bit of a belly but I wouldn't say I am "fat" I am extremely muscly, maybe I am just taping them wrong or something, the nappies I have are ID Expert Slip Super Plus, they are the green coloured ones, maybe I do need to lose some weight but I am really muscly so I am not sure :/

    Yeah looking back at all my threads I can't believe I complain about nappies as I absoloutely love Nappies but everyone else seems to have a better fit, I have tried lots of brands now and my favourites are:

    Bambino Magnifico
    My Diaper

    Sorry guys, trust me I absoloutely love Nappies, they make me so happy and really do help me escape from my Anxiety & Depression. I haven't been able to wear due to the extreme heat and I cannot wait to get comfy and enjoy a nice comfy Nappy again soon

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    What waist size do you have(around belly button)? What size diapers do you usually wear?

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