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Thread: Why do people hate Depends?

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    Default Why do people hate Depends?

    I use the adjustable underwear for menorrhagia (heavy bleeding) and they work great. Can still hold one nighttime wetting and it's easy to put on and take off. Sure, they're no premium diaper, but for small things they work fine.

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    They're only good for women if you're a man don't work at all unless it was the early 90s depends have been really uncomfortable for me

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    I tried the Adjustable Underwear once, wasn't impressed enough to buy them again... One because the leak guards were pretty much non-existent, two because I just found the mix of pull-up style with tapes... unsettling to my psyche, I guess...? I view diapers with a very fixed mindset: adult pull-ups I view as ''training pants'' while a tape-on is a genuine ''diaper'' to me.

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    For a guy they are just no good. Even the maximum fit flex can barely hold a small drip.

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    I use depends or store brand for just around the house daily diapering for my urge incontinence. If I'm going out? I need something a little better. It's just up to your needs.

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    Last time I wore the adjustable underwear, it felt like I had a wadded up toilet paper roll between my legs and later gave me a bad rash on my thighs.

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    Hate? I don't hate Depends. Like many here, Depends were my first exposure to incontinence wear, and I didn't like them. I discovered Always Discreet and even though I am male, I was much more satisfied with them - not because they are feminine, or were pullups rather than adjustable but because of the leak guards. I havent looked very hard for store brands with good leak guards and have never tried any of the store brand adjustable wear as the Always is working fine, but then, I do use premium adult diapers most of the time.

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    Well .. truth is they are not the greatest diaper out there.. they are thin and don't hold a lot. That said, i think probably half those that go on and on about how horrible they are have never tried 'em, it just has become a 'thing' to dis on Depends. i buy them (Depend Protection with Tabs) fairly regularly and have found that doubled up they still are much cheaper and are about as good as the bottom tier premium diapers, and they have a few advantages over a lot of diapers out there, the plastic shell is one of the best, and their tapes stay stuck.

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    When you price it out as cost per day instead of cost per brief they are actually more expensive than many of the more premium diapers.

    Per brief they are cheaper, but you use more than twice as many and they aren't half the price.

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    i was getting my Depends for $11 /20 briefs.. doubled up that gave me $11 per ten changes, each change was comparable to an Abriform M4/Molicare/Absobency +.. plus i used to be able to buy them at 2am

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    i understand people are different, we all have different body types and ways we use diapers.. Depends have their place in my nursery..

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