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Thread: Wearing your diapers loose

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    Default Wearing your diapers loose

    I've often wondered if anybody else does this. Ive noticed this really only works when your in a four tape diaper but once in a while I like to put the bottom tapes on pretty loose and the top tapes on just tight enough to hold a sagging diaper. It gives the diaper a more "open" feel I guess around the butt and front.(Makes them a lot noisier to)

    I've also noticed (as to be expected) it increases the chance of leaks but for a short while it feels pretty neat to get a different feel from the diaper.

    Being IC I cant risk doing that out and about but just thought I would share and see if anybody could relate.

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    A few times and each one lead to severe leakage.

    Besides, wearing loose doesn't feel nearly as comfortable.

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    I do this all the time, I would say loose loose but ill tape the top tapes 1st then do the bottoms not as tight, but just enough that the leak guards hold close to my skin. I get that little poof in the seat of my diaper and honestly the diaper does slide down or stretch out because the top tapes are on snuggly and the bottoms are on just good enough that the diaper can expand and still wick.

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    not entirely sure why you'd want to do this as it definitely increases the noise and leak factor, both traits I find undesirable
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    Rennecfox I do agree with you. I prefer my diaper tight to stave off leaks as they can be really uncomfortable and can (if your urine is very acidic like mine usually is) can burn the skin. My diaper leaked last night and I've got a bit of a rash on my inner thighs. Luckily (since I have kids) I have rash creams ranging from Aveno to A&D which works best for me.

    But hey who am I to judge, if you want to wear your diaper loose in the comfort of your home go for it. But as it was said I'd avoid doing this in public especially because of the increased risk of leaks.

    Side note I'm IC so having everything locked down for me is crucial especially at work.

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    why on earth would you wear a diaper on the loose side?

    leaks are proun to occur and then all the discrete side of diapers are gone...

    a good tight fitting diaper does his job prevent leaks and absorb fluids...

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    I prefer my diaper tight, very tight.
    And having it loose is very frustating to me, and what HeronimusM say it leaks.
    But it is a personal preference how to wear a diaper.

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    I like the feel of a tightly taped diaper but it causes tape pops and rips, usually on the lower tapes. The left lower tape always seems to pull itself off its backing. This is one reason I prefer the large single tapes on each side. In addition to just looking more babyish, it holds itself together better for me.

    I usually tape them almost tight but I leave a little slack for mobility. Anything loose, although feeling that saggy effect would be nice, would make me real insecure about leaks. The whole reason I feel comfort from them is the knowledge that I am protected.

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    Nearly every adult diaper out there is designed and intended to be worn snug. Not loose, and not tight. Not too small, and not too big either.

    All adult diapers are intended to extend up to your waist line (near your belly button). Once tapped on, you should only be able to, relatively easily, get about two fingers under the leg bands, and four fingers under the waist band. Any tighter, or looser, will lead to many more problems. Too tight and there won't be enough room for the diaper to expand when used. Tapes will pop off, the plastic backing will burst open, and messes will blow out. Too loose and it will clump and sag, not to mention easily leak out from around most anywhere.

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    I see this has not a popular thing to do. I just do it once in a while when i'm feeling froggy at home. Its just something different to do.

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