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    I'm starting the dating process and just want to know, is it common to be willing to alternate between being little and being a caretaker or is the role more of a permenent title? How many people reading this have made role trading work? Is it common?

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    I don't think that it's too unusual to switch between the two, the reason this isn't brought up more is because many people don't have a person to switch roles with.

    Though I'm a little through and through, I still have to innate instinct to help and be a caregiver when not in little mode; usually when I'm a caretaker it's for someone who truly needs it, not another little.

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    Lately I've been feeling the same, too. I've been a little, and a sub in general for most of my life, and as of late I've been real curious in attempting the other side of the whole kinky spectrum. While I have very little experience of 'actually' being a mommy, and I don't see it being a massive side of me, I do see myself taking care of the right person if the time came up. Who knows. Maybe the 'heart of the mommy' was always inside of me, and I just never realized it until now.

    That being said, I'm fairly certain a role switching dynamic could work out, as long as you are positive both parties are happy fulfilling both roles. I know two friends of mine who are both Doms who will go out of their way to sub for each other, and they are a pretty inseparable couple.

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