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Thread: I think it's time for diapers.

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    Default I think it's time for diapers.

    After all this bullshit that has happened in the last week, breakup, etc, I'm gonna see if I can buy some diapers next week.

    I'm thinking of buying myself a teddy or paci what are some good places to get teddy bears? wait I might not be able to do that

    Should I get some pacis and bottles for myself?

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    I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, it will help you enjoy yourself and just relax. Have fun little time and yes, if you want a Paci you should go get one; it'll help you getting into little mode. In america if you are confident enough you can just go to your local store to get bottles and pacis, I've done it a few times and none thinks anything of it many just assume you have have a little one around the house.

    If you don't want to go buy ones in the store I would suggest going on amazon or wherever you get your diapers and see if they sell them. Also aliexpress is a good website as well

    Best of luck in you endeavors and have a great time.


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    Build-A-Bear for the teddy (Makes it more personal) and Little for Big on the paci

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    I will say two things . Teddy's are great for restless sleepers who toss turn or fight in their sleep. Teddy's can be found at build a bear or you can get tv show based medium plushy character easy off the web

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    I have a teddy bear who's about two feet long. He's very good for wrapping my arms around when I sleep as I'm a back sleeper.

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    well if you are experiencing incontinence episodes frequently as you posted in incontinence forum, can you wait that long?

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