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Thread: What kind of incontinence do you have?

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    Default What kind of incontinence do you have?

    So I've looked to see if this question has been asked, but it hasn't. I myself have urge incontinence that is on the severe side.I just get random really strong urges I can't control.I also have bowel incontinence that's not as severe.

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    Same as you. To the best of my doctors knowledge, mine is due to severe OAB and IBS. I've struggled with this all my life, but it has become extremely difficult to live with since my early 20's (I'll be 50 in a few months). Honestly, it it weren't for wearing diapers, I don't know what I'd do. I'm a very active and very busy person.

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    Neurogenic bladder and bowel, OAB , extremely large bladder, and BPH as the cherry on that sundae .

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    Into my fifth year with OAB and urge incontinence. Ranges from some milder days where I only end up using 2 premium diapers (well, more likely 3) to days where I am practically peeing constantly.

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    i'm bladder incontinent, and suffering from IBS, and having some bowelincontinence problems at times... when i need to go, i cant sometimes hold it in, so i've upgraded from daytime diapers to nightime because when having a BM accident my bladder is also emptying it's content

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    I used to have extremely sever urge incontinence, made that way by my sphincters not opening up when they were supposed to. Seven shincterotomy surgeries later, and now I also have to deal with a messed up urethra. Currently it is 100% blocked, and I have to pee through a temp suprapubic cath.

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    IBS-D, I don't have a diagnosis for bladder but my control has slipped from my extended diaper usage

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    Completely bladder and bowel incontinent since birth

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