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    As an Adult Baby, all of you know that I do have a Teddy Bear "Best Friend", "Howard Hug".
    Teddy Bear best friends are very special.
    Teddy Bear Friend is never judgmental.
    Teddy Bear Friend is incapable of feeling hate or anger.
    Teddy Bear Friend is always overflowing with "love and caring".
    Teddy Bear Friend will never ever abandon me.
    Teddy Bear Friend will always listen to me.
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    I couldn't have said it better. My teddy wears a real toddler onsie. Teddy bears are the best. I go to sleep every night with my teddy bear, cuddling him.

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    Well, as one whose name is the very aspect of this thread, I would like to add my own couple of thoughts.

    Teddy Bears (or any plushies) are special. They are made of synthetic or natural fibers, but in the amazing artistic compilation that they are created in, they can become so much more than just an an inanimate object. I don't know or even want to claim to suggest to know how this happens, but these creatures that are physically just fibers and such, take on a physical life. No, they aren't going to come to life as in Toy Story, but there is something that happens when you have one and you develop a connection with them.

    This is a magic or mystery that while I am Teddy Bear myself, I can't explain. But the reality is that they can certainly become a best friend and they are the most loving and caring and listening and best of friends that one might ever gain. There is a power that is created within them that when one becomes attached to them, makes them better than any therapist or outlet that you may ever find. Perhaps it is because of their soft nature, perhaps it is memories from when you were a child and you received them in a very loving and caring way from others. But regardless of how you received them, they certainly can take on their own personality and provide you with a friend that is the most loving, non-judgemental, and best listener than any person or real life being.

    Pets can sometimes be compared in a similar and non-judgemental fashion, but yet I would challenge that even they don't match up to the unconditional love that a teddy bear or plushie can provide. I have a dog, an amazing and very loving dog, that is a great friend. He goes with me on my escapades farming and herding cows and loves to even just go for a ride into town. But despite this friendship, I have at times experienced his questioning look as to why I am putting on a diaper or doing other things. My teddy bears and other plushies have never given me this look. They accept me for who I am, and I feel so loved by them.

    Okay, okay... I can already sense what some may be thinking... Ummm... Teddy Bear has kind of lost it here.

    But hang on a second... I challenge anyone here on ADISC to sincerely pick up a teddy bear or other plushie that may have been received in some significance, and just hold them for a bit. What are you feeling? How does holding this object reach you?

    I am certain not everyone may experience this, but I dare say that most people, even those not ABDL, you will experience a feeling of softness and love. Something that all to often you don't get from the world. And if you allow yourself to accept this, the plushie will certainly become a greater friend and one you can turn to when everyone else may be putting you aside.

    No matter what you may be experiencing, the plushie will not judge you and is always there, full of hugs and love for you.

    Call me crazy, but until you try this and open up to the actual experience, then don't knock it.

    ...Just a few thoughts from an eccentric Teddy Bear Cowboy myself.

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