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    Hi ADISC,

    For the past month or so, I've been spending time at home as a break from college. On Monday I can move into my apartment for the summer, where I don't have a roommate until mid August. This is the first time I'll be living alone in my life, and I intend to really make the most of it ABDL-wise, since I don't know when I will be able to live alone again.

    I've saved up about $150 specifically for this, although I might be able to find some more money elsewhere, and I want to wear as much as possible. My longest 24/7 stint up until now has been 2 days once when all my family was gone for the weekend for various reasons, but I want to go past that now. Get to wear some diapers and regress without worrying about anyone barging in on me. At the very least I hope to wear most nights and weekends including overnight.

    What should I be buying? What are the best reasonably-priced ABDL diapers? I've been sheltered from it all since I've just been buying Walgreens diapers for the past 3 years. Should I just buy a case of Bambinos and be done with it or what?

    Also, if anyone has any recommendations on what I should buy AB-wise, such as onesies, bottles, whatever, I would appreciate that as well.


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    Bambino quality has fallen quite a bit recently. If you want a safe bet, I'd recommend you try Space/simple/littlepaws from ABU. They're my current favorite especially with their new tapes, and I've tried many many different diapers.

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    A lot here will agree that ABU has some of the best products and selection in the market right now. Their prices are higher than you'll pay for medical diapers, but I think it's still quite reasonable for premium ABDL. You can also get mixed cases. Go get yourself a variety of their different kinds of diapers so your next order is 100% of your favorites.

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    I like ABU because of the mixed case options as well. Sometimes when I order I'll get Little Pawz and Space or I may get Little Pawz and SDK, depends on my mood and what I'm low on. Right now I have plenty of Little Pawz (3 packs), Preschools (1 pack) and Bambino Magnifico (3 bags) so I'm pretty well stocked for a while.

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