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    Hi Everybody,

    As first my apologies for my english, i read and speak it better then i write it.
    Always a guy for number and math.

    But i was getting here to join, i found out i have already account and a lurker for a while, oops. But let's introduce myself.
    I'm a 28y guy from the Netherlands, a diaper lover so long i can remember.
    My first diaper i got was with my 16y.
    I live together with my girlfriend, also the mother of my child's. she doesn't only knows about it, she is also a diaper lover to, and a mommy (no not for me).
    We are also into bdsm, i'm the D and she is a true brat and sometimes we combine diapers with bdsm.

    With her I organize a 2 times a year diaper camp in the Netherlands. A whole weekend of diaper fun with around 30 guests, it's totally non profit. Every penny goes in this camp.
    I don't no if it is ok that pronounced it, if not i'm sorry.
    Im not here to promote it, i'm here to know other people, to talk about our "hobby".

    In my daily life i work as project engineer for HVAC installations.
    When i'm off work in my free time i like to spend my time with my own family and friends, cooking and ofcourse eating it, tv series binge watching. I'm real cuddle bear, i like to hugh and they say a good body to cuddle with.

    For i get the questions how we do it, diapers and having kids. Many people think it is hard to do it. But its not. Of Course our children don't know about it, and we keep that way. In our bedroom and also on our attic we have a large closet with a lock on it. And yes there our diapers with our other "toys", and when they are sleeping or sleeping over at our parents, its play time, lol.

    I hope having a great time here, and if you have questions, just ask. i don't bite (hard).

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    Hello Qwando and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction and you did just find on the use of English.


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    Great intro Qwando! Welcome to the site! :-)

    Don't worry about your English -- it's pretty clear and much better than my Dutch! You're so lucky to have found a partner who is also into diapers. It seems like an impossible dream for me. :-/

    Where in the Netherlands do you live? I've only ever visited Amsterdam (which I know is very different to the rest of the country), but it's such a beautiful city, and I loved meeting Dutch people. I've been back about 7 times now. :-)

    I hope you don't mind me saying this, but I think the Dutch I met had an interesting combination of being quite reserved, yet being completely comfortable with themselves (unlike us Brits!). And I've never felt so safe walking the streets at night. I'd love to see more of the country. I'm half tempted to move there (if only I could learn Dutch). It'd be one way for me to stay in the EU if Britain wants to leave! And I love cycling, so I'd have a much better lifestyle. And the air quality in Amsterdam was so much better than in my village, about 30 miles outside London. And there are a fair few IT companies in the Randstad.

    The diaper camp sounds interesting. It sounds like a bit too much commitment for me (a whole week with no breaks?!) but a cool idea. Is it a literal camp -- as in, you go camping in tents? What kind of activities do people do in the camp? Is it in a very remote area where everyone stays on-site, or do people take an evening off from the diaper thing to visit nearby towns? Hope you don't mind me asking -- I'm just curious!

    Anyway, welcome to the site once again! I hope you have a lot of fun here. :-)

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    Thanks both of you. And great to hear that my english not so bad is after all.

    You have to visit Rotterdam, beautifull city, more then Amsterdam.
    It give more hou we are then Amsterdam.
    And you are welcome, like everyone else.

    About our Diapercamp, it is just a weekend, from friday untill sunday.
    Everyone is free to do what they want, oke there are soem regulations, but that is very normal.
    The saterday we have a bbq, some day vistoirs come allang. There some activities, the most are bring up by the guests.
    But always a succes is the lottery/raffle, some great prices, a free day visit at Nursery, discount at abdl webshop. But yes it takes a lot of work, but when i see everybody is enjoying it, it is all worth it and i enjoy it myself.
    PS: I hope it is ok we talked here about it, my causion is because on a dutch board gett some problem when somebody talked about it. Long story haha. Let me know if it is ok or not.

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    Hi and welcome to the site. Wow...diaper camp! I'm definitely living in the wrong country. The U. S. still suffers from the Victorian age. Anyway, there are no diaper camps in Lynchburg, Va., just Liberty University.

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