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Thread: My dad's a jerk, by Ryan

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    Angry My dad's a jerk, by Ryan

    One day in June of 2012:
    I went to Target and saw some Rapunzel pull ups and Dad won't buy me any, because of some stupid unknown reason. So that's why I don't allowed dad to take me out shopping and treating him like a jerk. these idiots at Kimberly Clark. >:( for not making these designs no more. Overtime he goes out with me, i don't buy any freakin Goodnites or Adult diapers >:(

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    Well I mean... I think a lot of parents are probably going to frown upon buying their teenage offspring diapers...

    Also your post is a grammatical trainwreck.

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    You know how we often talk about how littles are childLIKE, as opposed to childISH? This one seems to be an exception. Seriously, according to your profile, you're now 19. Yet, despite being a technical adult, you bitch about your father, and this perceived injustice from when you were 14. Build a bridge, and get over it.

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