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Thread: Any tips on peeing laying down

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    Default Any tips on peeing laying down

    After months of trying I really have to force peeing while laying down just wondering if anyone has any tips

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    The perennial question. The answer is practice and trust in the diaper. If you can't pee lying down without forcing it, pee sitting down, or lift yourself onto your knees and pee in that position. Try to relax and pee lying down each time first and then switch if it doesn't work. The other thing is you need to get used to peeing in various lying down positions where you know the diaper won't leak. It makes you mentally at ease. Like, for me I can only pee lying down when I'm pointing down because I leaked out the top or sides in other positions and my body won't let me go because of that. Then just keep at it. It took me several months before I could go lying on my stomach.

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    Honestly, the only way I can think of is to have to go really really badly. For the most part, I can't pee laying down. My muscles will tense up and it's just a natural "Don't do this" reaction by my body. The one time I was able to pee laying down was when I was already laying down and felt a REALLY strong urge to go, and was able to just wet my diaper while laying down.

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    the one thing that worked for me was drinking some vodka. if you get drunk it will make it really easy

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    While laying down, imagine yourself standing in front of the toilet (try to not get vertigo either).

    Also try listening to water trickling. Imagine it's you that's already making that noise as you pee. Eventually it will happen.

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    Practice makes perfect. I mostly find lying down OK now. Sitting is sometimes awkward for me.

    Being very confident you aren't going to leak is important to help you relax - so wear good enough diapers to ensure that.

    For me in bed that unfortunately means cloth - or cloth over disposable - but see what works for you.

    Not being aroused helps a lot too - and that also comes with practice.

    Other than that just be relaxed but sometimes you do need to push a little bit at first - without straining if at all possible.

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    Ive been able to do this for a while now. I only sleep face down due to my back issues. If there is enough in there It comes out when tasked to do so. Otherwise I find that If I taker a deep breath and tell it to go, usually does. Takes practice, that is pretty much the secret.

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    This is the one thing that took time to get use to with me, now I can do it very easily. My advice is to practice, the longer you wear a diaper the easier it becomes to just let go, then before you know it you can let loose while laying down. I'm a guy so its important to make sure your pointed down. It actually feeling nice to pee laying down and pointed down because your diaper gets poofy in the back which feels great when walking around.

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