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Thread: New kid on the block! My story

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    Default New kid on the block! My story

    Hello! Evan here I just joined today! I'm rlly happy about this and have thought about it for a long time so I want to give a little background about myself. I'm not totally sure when I started but, when I was around 8 years old I remember being at a daycare waiting for my mother after school and there was some diapers and I had to try one I was hooked! In the years to follow I wanted to get diapers so bad I would make my own homemade ones and I was caught looking up Abdl stuff but I said my friends told me to and I somehow made it i was only 13 then. Then when I turned 16 I was so happy I could drive in about 2 weeks I got my first pull-ups they were cheap and way to big but it was cute. Then I wore pull-ups but it my size and also good nights but I was scared of diapers then cuz I would have just said I had bed wetting issues and I did when I was around 4-10 but then I tried them one day and I loved them since then I wear diapers as much as I can! It sucks because I'm in summer break so I'm with my parents but i hope they don't find out. That's a short overall of my life hope you liked it! (Btw I suck at spelling and grammar so don't hate thanks!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvanAbdlEveryday View Post
    (Btw I suck at spelling and grammar so don't hate thanks!)

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    Welcome to the community. This post should be in the 'Greetings/ Introductions' section.

    Aside from that, do you have any hobbies or interests you like outside of community? This might help you connect with some members.

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    Welcome to the community.

    We all have our unique story about how we came to love diapers, and why we wear them.

    My story is long but it's somewhere in the list of threads.

    I'm fairly new to this so I cannot speak very loudly (so to speak), but we here have a plethora of resources for you (suppliers, and good online shops).

    This is where I was able to "come out" if you will, and express that I wear diapers both for pleasure and because I'm IC (you'll see that a lot from me, IC stand for incontinen)

    But welcome to the community this is a safe place. Be yourself, we are not here to judge, put down, discriminate or whatever we are like minded people.

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