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    Those of you who have ordered from Rearz, what is the usual turn around time on orders?
    I placed the order on Saturday so it would not have processed until Monday. But typically what is the turn around time?

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    I've only ordered from them once, but the processed it lightning quick. Order was here in less than a week. I'm in Canada though, so that could make a difference.

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    When I place my orders over the weekend or really early Monday morning I'll get the package on Friday. I have one coming in tomorrow that I ordered last weekend.

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    Thank you both very much. I have some Bambinos and some of the black seduction nighttime diapers coming.

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    I live in the north east of the US, if I order on the weekend I usually receive them by Friday providing there's no holidays or massive weather delays, same with bambino and Abu when the order comes out of Washington state

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    I live only a few hours away from the warehouse and I just ordered stuff Tuesday and seen it at the post office Wednesday

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    I'm all the way on the west coast in central California. Hope they get here soon.

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    By the way, you are going to love the Seductions. I tried a sample pack and they hold a lot without leaking.

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