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    Default Morning rituals

    What are everyones morning rituals when they wake up diapered?

    I usually like to be lazy for a bit in my wet diaper, have breakfast, take the dog out and then if i have the day off just chill in a diaper for the rest of the day.

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    I leave it on and throw on some sweats to do a light yoga routine first thing. I then take my dogs for a walk, and eat breakfast. The walk and food always seems to get my bowels going so thats when it's a good time for me to take off my diaper and use the toilet. I shower, then dry out under a ceiling fan for a few minutes, then diaper up and get dressed for the day.

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    I'm a lounger in the morning, during the week I wake up at a quarter to 5am and don't take my diaper off till 5:45 when I jump in the shower, on the weekends I stay in my diaper until it's full then shower for the day usually putting a new one on... weekends for me are 99% 24/7 by my choice

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    I also stay in my diaper for a time. I don't wet in my sleep, so when I get up in the morning, I let my diaper take my morning pee.

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    I usually just laze around and let my diaper do its work until my afternoon shower.

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    I've been sitting at home a lot recently due to a small injury I got at work. So while stuck at home, I've gone basically 24/7 and since I've only got space and little pawz, my morning ritual is to sit around in my diaper until it basically leaks, then I shower and put a new one on. After that, I get my coffee, watch tv and eat my breakfast

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    i get up, get my medication, make breakfast, drink coffee, and have a uncontrolled BM, after that get showered, and change into a day diaper

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    Weekdays up at 5 hangout in my diaper wait until it's almost busting at the seams, go shower, put on a nice fresh diaper, make some coffee, get the kids going for their day, and head to work.

    Weekends well that's a different story. Wake up basically whenever, stay in my wet diaper as long as possible, maybe pee a little more. Head to the bathroom take off diaper, clean up and put on fresh diaper, and start my day.

    I wear 24/7 due to my IC so, I allow myself time to breathe. But that's my typical morning.

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    Tend to keep it on until after breakfast and computer time. Yesterday was a mistake though, I smelt like a changing table. And I wasn't even messy!

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