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Thread: Any wrestling fans around here who care to discuss it?

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    Default Any wrestling fans around here who care to discuss it?

    Any other fans of the squared-circle like my self around here who enjoy pro wrestling?


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    I'm a huge fan of UFC. I love it because it's pritty much real fighting. No gimmics, no rules (ok, a few rules, but they don't change much). I love the stand up kick boxing, but I love it when the fight goes down. In most fighting sports, when someone goes down, you have to wait for them to get back up. In UFC, you jump on top and give them the good old "ground and pound". That has to be my favorite part. The other thing I absolutly love about UFC is the jujitsu (I actually spelled that right on my first try! Hurray!) submision holds. I've seen people who, while being taken down, threw their legs over their heads and land a submision hold befor he even hit the ground. It was one of the coolest finnishes I've ever seen.

    I'm currently waiting to see a fight my dad has been telling me about. It's Chuck Ladels most current fight (I forgot the other guys name). My dad told me that it was the greatest fight he's ever seen. The croud was screeming for a fourth round the match was so good. If any of you have seen it... DON'T TELL ME THE ENDING! PLEASE!!!

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    Been a big fan of WWE since about 2002 but it's starting to get boring; I hope they do something to make it more interesting.

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    Eww grown sweaty man throwing each other down onto a mat...... I am not a fan of wrestling. I watch alot of boxing with my brother and dad...

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    I was a fan of wrestling since 2002, I mostly watch WWE, TNA, JCW (Juggalo Championship Wrestling) and old episode of the original ECW.

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