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Thread: Summer diaper redux. Tena?

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    Default Summer diaper redux. Tena?

    In the market for a lighter weight diaper for summer. what do you use?

    Is anyone using Tena stretch Ultra or Tena stretch Super?
    the Ultra is super cheap, so maybe its a supercheap diaper. I can use a booster which is not as hot as a full on real diaper,

    Hopefully this time the thread will not be taken over by swim diapers.

    Must say I am jealous of those continental that get real Tena's

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    I've totally switched over to preschool diapers from ABUniverse, both plastic and cloth. The cloth helps with the chafing for me during the muggy days and when moving around a lot and sweating, even though I prefer the plastic more than my body does.

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    I live in florida and always use premium diapers like confidry.

    If you wear 24/7 then your skin will adapt to the summer heat within a few years. I hardly ever sweat down there anymore, though at first it was brutal. Just change more often when you can feel sweat building up and reducing the diapers absortpion.

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