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Thread: Diaper recommendations

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    Default Diaper recommendations

    Self explanatory title really, I'm gonna have a lot more alone time at home soon and want to restock on diapers. My favourite diapers currently are ABU cushies and tykables overnights. I've tried more practical ones like Abena M4 and Tena ultimax but didn't enjoy them anywhere near as much. So, I was hoping some of the more experienced members of our community could recommend me some to try.
    - Thanks

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    Unfortunately I can't be much help, but I can throw you this little tide bit.

    At the moment CVS brand diapers are good. The new ones I bought are roomy and have yet to leak. The others I have are I guess one would call them a pull-up they are brief style and are comfortable in many ways.

    I have some Rearz bambino on order, they should be here soon, as should my Rearz black seduction briefs for night use. They came very highly recommended.

    So being that I am IC I'm in diapers all the time. Or at least some means of protection from bladder leaks.

    - - - Updated - - -

    The places I have been shopping are
    Cuddlz shop
    And various other online shops. I wish someone in my state or town would have the cajones to open a AB/DL shop. That would be amazing.
    A safe place for diapered folks and the young at heart can go be who they are. Be it an AB or a DL or someone exploring it or someone that's IC a place where they could feel safe and not judged.

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    Thanks! I should have probably clarified that I'm looking for some that look babyish, feel good and can hold a decent amount. As much as I love the cushies, I'm sitting in a wet patch after 3 soakings

    I'll definitely consider Rearz.

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    Cloth or plastic Preschools or Simple with stickers!

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    Thanks, I may look into Preschoolers plastic. I didn't enjoy the cloth ones, but I bought them purely as an experiment in how cloth felt.

    Never heard of Simple though, will have to look into it.

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    ABU SDK's are great too.

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    If you're already familiar with ABU, I'd suggest you try out some space, simple, or little paws. You'll love how well they perform overnight.

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    Well, I've ordered them, with any luck they'll arrive by Monday.

    I went with a few SDKs, Rearz black and Bare Bums. Fingers crossed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow456 View Post
    Rearz black
    Ayy. Emo Diaper FTW.

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