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Thread: Fetish or comfort thing?

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    Lightbulb Fetish or comfort thing?

    Since I started wearing diapers more often (lately I would wear whenever I am able to) the fetish side of diapers started to disappear more and more, and they are becoming more of a comfort thing.

    During the time that I did not wear diapers (or dared to order them), I would go crazy over tumblr and youtube and tumblr fapping at images of girls in diapers.

    Now, things settle down a bit and I tend to find my sexual satisfaction around other topics (more girls in general, not per se in diapers).

    Can anyone relate to this?

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    It's been my case too.

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    For me (years ago) it was a fetish thing, a kind of taboo, a wicked little secret. Hiding it was super easy because I would wear only at home, and my stash spot was well hidden.

    Now it is a comfort thing because I know I have the protection of my diaper should I have a bladder leak. I'm IC if you couldn't tell. Now I can't imagine being without my diaper.

    Quick story
    Monday I didn't diaper up. It was awful. The many many many trips to the bathroom just so I could avoid any leakage. I had a IC pad on but those only go so far before they are full. (I was at work on Monday). My supervisor and HR person will be informed of the changes in my medical issue come next Monday.
    So at home I feel safe enough to take my diaper off for a while, but after about 30 minutes I feel the urge to get back into one, it makes me anxious not having one on, mostly because of my condition.

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    I think something like this is pretty common. It's hard to be aroused all the time, even by something you really like, and you can definitely get a little bored or tired of the same thing after doing it a lot. This is true of food, games, vanilla sex, and diapers to a greater or lesser extent with different people. It also may come back again, especially if you take a bit of a break from diapers.

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    Like ArchieRoni said. This may be a crass analogy, but it's like masturbation. If you only do it once a week, it's going to be a much bigger deal with a bigger impact than if you do it every day or twice a day, etc. If wearing diapers was sexually motivated in the beginning, assuming that helps define wearing diapers as a fetish, then that definition doesn't go away just because one doesn't feel the more sexual stimulus. Constant repetition will lessen or can lessen the sexual high or dominance, but that doesn't mean it's still not a motivating factor for diaper wearing. Obviously, this is my opinion and a whole lot of guessing. I am not a psychiatrist or in any way, an educated expert. It's supposition on my part.

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    what I do for times like that is mix up brands or styles, I have to wear all the time since around 2001 and noticed a fall of for the fetish part but it came back but I find it fun to mix it up a bit, I still have depends from the era where they where loud as hell and have a great shiny type plastic or go with something with prints...ect
    I have a hoard going back to the mid 1990's. you can find just about anything on e-bay if you don't have a hoard of your own

    most self respecting dragons hoard gold, I wonder what others of my kind would think of my diaper hoard, I mixed in a few shiny things just to be safe

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    Hmm, since I wear them everyday except when at work, I can relate to what your talking about, it does get a little boring but I spice it up with different brands to. Also I get older that fetish edge wears off but the comfort feeling just gets stronger and stronger.
    This is why I don't really get to held up with people that post threads of "how to wear in public" Sometimes when reading between the lines you can tell there's a lot of pent up sexual energy, so I say to myself .. there not ready yet to go outside, when you loose that edge and comfort feelings filter in, then your ready to wear them anywhere, at anytime because its different emotions you have for wearing them.

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    i'm IC, so wearing is comfort not a fetish, so wearing different products, to suit every need at a certain time, gets the job done,
    because i've got diapers on medical prescription, i'm kinda stuck with one or 2 brands and some different types of products.
    there's still a taboo on the ABDL models, so i cant get them, ( i would love to try some printed diapers, not for the sake of the print but the sheer absorbency they deliver as far as i've read.
    being IC doesn't mean i'm against ABDL i truely support this group because of the way people feel and think, a lot of ABDL stuff can be used also for IC... plastic pants, rompersuits, and much more

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    I've noticed this as well since wearing everyday. Diapers still excite me, but I agree that this is more comfort-based. When I'm in them, my brain shuts off that annoying blinking red ABDL light that always seems to be running in the background. It's almost an identity thing but I can't quite put my finger on it, you know? I just know that they calm down my innate high anxiety and make me feel like me. Most of the time I forget I'm in them, which is the point. Most of the time, I need my head in the adult world but it's nice when things get crazy because I can just remind myself of my secret comforts, and realize that, hey! I do have one on! Cool! Plus I found the added bonus of having more cushion wherever I sit! I could theoretically watch a full baseball game from the hard metal bleachers as if I brought my own seat cushion! It makes every time you sit even more cozy. The "normal" world out there doesn't know what they're missing!

    I like to think of it like a time release pleasure, instead of one that is pent up and indulged.

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