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Thread: Finally I've made my first cloth diaper

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    Default Finally I've made my first cloth diaper

    I've been using disposies for such a long time... And cloth diapers were in my list of "TOTRY"... would the feeling be the same?

    The thing is that whenever I go shopping diapers online, on the "cloth" section I usually just find either prefolds, fitted or AIOs, which neither of those I felt 100% practical. I was looking for a pocket diaper, so it's easy to put on/off, and lasts more time than an AIO (and dry time is faster)

    So I found this website which offers free templates from sizes newborn to large adult for 2 kinds of diaper, one that's a One-size that looks really special (I'm not too convinced for adults....) and another "classic" one (labeled "KCK Snap On Pull Off Diaper Patterns")

    So, after gathering all materials and spending two afternoons, I managed to make my first cloth diaper! The outer is PUL, inner fleece and I have soakers of microfiber (from dishcloths) and cotton (towel fabric) Pics:

    And here is how it fits me (by the time I made this picture,
    I didn't have velcro added, so I used a regular belt*

    And I must say, I am really impressed. Much more comfy than disposables, and they held well (didn't leak). It's soo~~ soft and bulky, but it's a bulkiness that's hard to feel, because it kinda feels like a cloud.

    I am really happy I've made this discovery. The shame is that as I only have one, I can only use it once a day, because it needs a whole day to clean + dry. Gladly I bought fabric enough to make 2, so I can still work on another one... but I'm tired and I want to check for weak points so I can improve it.

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