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Thread: Abena M4's are overrated?

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    Thumbs down Abena M4's are overrated?

    So a month ago I ordered a bag of abena m4's (plastic backed). I had high expectations, because of every review that has been on the internet about them.

    However, when I tried them myself as a nighttime diaper, I did not really like them all because they tended to not hold that much. I think I taped them correctly. It is just that when I was lying down it would quickly get to the top of the diaper or to the side it and leak out.

    Am I doing something wrong? Or does the diaper just nog fit my body size that well? Or am I expecting too much from them as a night-time diaper?

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    I love the M4, I wet very heavy overnight without issues but every so often, are you doing the stretch from end to end and then the fold lengthwise and fluff up before putting on?

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    Hmm yeah, thats a good one. I always did the folding part. Fluff up not always, but I get what you are saying. However, I am not sure what you mean by "stretch from end to end". Can you explain that a bit more?

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    They aren't the greatest diaper by a long shot, but they're the best medical diaper and the best in their price range.

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    I have tried Abena M4s and I don't rate them as highly as Tena Slip Maxis (the plastic backed ones). I found the M4s were too bulky in relation to their absorbency; the Tenas have at least equal capacity if not more, and they're half the thickness. The M4s were also more prone to leakage before being filled to capacity than the Tenas. I also had repeated problems with the Abena tapes coming off. And Tenas are cheaper. So.. no. I won't buy Abenas again.

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    Sounds like we have got a point of agreement I am also currently a happy user of Tena slip maxis (active fit). I especially like their fit and the fact that they can be worn in public discretely

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    I try a lot of different diaper for night time always come back to abena and tykables.

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    I used to wear them 24/7, but sometime around like September/October of last year I started having more issues with them for whatever reason. Quality control not as good anymore or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClickyKeys View Post
    Quality control not as good anymore or something.
    Let's hope they're not going out of demand or anything.

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    The M4's are very absorbent but the padding seems to really push out the front of the diaper making it fit weird.

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