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    Question Diapers and girls

    Hi all,

    So since puberty (age 11 or something) I think I have always wanted to wear diapers. Now I am 20 years old, in college, and about a week ago my second case of diapers got delivered. This time tena maxis so I could wear more regularly, also in public.

    One thing that struck me is that I became much more self conscious around girls. It's like, I want to be open with them and all and show my good side, but there is always a fear that if when it would get to something more, like me wanting to take her home or something, that she would discover that I wear diapers underneath. Not that I not accept myself as a diaper lover. It is just that I like it to stay as something private. I don't need or want to talk about it with others i.r.l. (thankfully there is adisc).
    I have got the same situation when diapered at a party, lately I had my first one.

    So I am looking for some kind of advice about how I can manage my needs. I would like to stay the same awesome person to others and to myself as I was, like, before I started to wear diapers. But I also like to wear diapers when I want to relax.

    How can I keep my desire for diapers at a viable level, so the rest of my life does not get out of hand? I am sure there are more people like me and would love some advice

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    I think it may be difficult to have your cake and being able to eat it too. I hear what you're saying, but if you don't want to share your diaper wearing with a girl whom you may like and bring home, then you'll probably have to be in underwear. The problem too with diapers is that if you use them while at a bar or club, there also is the hygiene element. Not only would you have to change your diaper once home, but also clean up, especially if your going to be intimate.

    Even though I'm retired, I work a part time job as a church music director. I would enjoy wearing and using diapers every day, but I'm in a rehearsal at church three nights a week. I never go to church diapered, but I usually wear a diaper on Wednesday if I don't have to go out. That means I have to take the diaper off and wash before I put something else on and go to work. In my case, that's easy to do. In your case, you would have to find some way of explaining to your date that you need to "freshen up". It can be done I suppose. Either she might appreciate it or she'd think it weird.

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    I'm with dogboy that this is a tough one. You can wear a diaper while you're out on a date, walk the lovely lady home, give her a kiss goodnight and then be on your way just fine. But if you're bringing someone to your home and especially if you're going to be intimate enough that you'd expect to be seeing each other's underwear no matter what type it is, you're going to have a hard time keeping diapers secret from someone. Now, that may or may not be that huge a deal for you. You can wear diapers sometimes and just not on dates, especially if they're not necessary for your sex life (which varies for different people). You can wear diapers sometimes and just be ready to explain. You might consider waiting a bit on the close intimacy anyway and as you get to know a person better and trust them, confide in them about your interest in diapers and figure out how to handle that together.

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    Seems simple enough: if you don't want to get into the subject of diapers on a date, don't wear them. You can decide when the right time to broach the topic is if you avoid wearing it on your sleeve.

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    Thanks for the reactions so far! I think my way to go is to just keep diapers at home and wear them every night to fullfill my need. Then, during the day I can focus on my daily life and do not have to worry about them. When I do end up in a relationship then sure, at some time I will have to tell the girl about it. But only if I she knows me well enough that I can share this very personal secret with her and know there is a high probability she'd be okay with it.
    Actually, from my previous crushes/semi-relationships/dating, I remember being completely focussed on the girl herself and did not even think about diapers. I really liked that period.
    Maybe diapers are for me a bit of an in between state when I am not in a relationship, as a way to get my feeling of being cared of.

    I am not sure about this one however. But I do remember that my fetish became less when my mind was occupied with a particular girl.

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