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Thread: diaper bag, outings, and travel

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    Default diaper bag, outings, and travel

    For those who tote a few diapers, cleansing wipes, creams, and at least a pair of pants or shorts or whatever it is you wear, what is a discreet diaper bag that can be bought? I'm fairly sure a backpack would work and be less conspicuous.

    Now the other side of this.
    I know it depends on how long (and your incontinence if you are in that category) you are going to be gone, what is the average amount of diapers and supplies you bring? Typically. I realize this is completely situational, and each person's needs are different, but as I asked what isn't he average amount you take with you while travelling.
    Do you take a few backups too?

    Now for out and about.
    Form those that are IC like I am, for a night on the town, roughly how much stuff do you bring? What are the supplies you take with you?

    Now bags
    I realize that there are the cute bags that scream diaper bag, however that's not what I am looking for. I need discreet. My bag will.come to work with me so I need it as inconspicuous as possible. I have been looking at the backpack style and they seem good, but having a a bag, bag at my welding station is just not a good ides. I have a chair I can drape it over rhetoric back.
    I know some of you use a purse
    , that's cool too but not what I'm looking for.

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    Hi Scbaby,

    i've got a 32 liter Osprey Stratos ( the older model), and i stuffing it with the following...
    some wipes, cream, 2 pairs of plastic pants,about 4 diapers, my medication pouch ( bulky) and a spare onesie,
    when loading it up i've got more than plenty of room left... my 1 liter Eddy bottle goes in the side mesh pocket, also i bring my lunchbox agenda, sunglasses keys, wallet phone and my hat,
    i still got some room, and i want to add a small camera to bring along.

    here are a couple pictures
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	img587e1342b210b2.89880082.jpg 
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Name:	img587e1342123ab7.42082330.jpg 
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    A simple small backpack that thrown over one shoulder is my go to when traveling. It looks about as common as anything you find and that keeps it inconspicuiouse. As for contents, not being IC, my needs are much less. A back up diaper and boxer briefs, some wipes and a travel size container of powder. I think a lot will have to do with time out and quality/capacity of the diaper used. That will ultimately dictate the size bag you will need. I imagine a computer type bag could work as well if it is for a work enviornment.

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    I am IC, so a lot depends on how far I'm travelling. If I'm just going into town then I take a couple of spare disposables and and extra pair of plastic pants, nappy sack for wet nappies. towel, soap and flannel, wet wipes, sudocreme, spare trousers and a t shirt. All of which fit in a backpack. If i am going to see my little boy then it's a 5 hour journey, so set off in a layer shaped terry nappy with a non plastic backed booster in it, plastic pants on under jogging bottoms, then in a simply nylon holdall, i have 1 spare disposable, 1 pair plastic pants and the rest of the stuff I've already mentioned, although i find with the shaped nappy and booster paad and pants I've yet to have a leak.

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    Hey Barnboy
    Yes a simple backpack is what I've been really looking at for a go bag for work outings and travel.
    I work in manufacturing so the smaller the better (definitely not purse aize) and the less flashy the better.

    I also have 2 trips coming up. The first involves a 5 hour car ride and being in the wilderness for 4 days. I'm planning on just bringing my supplies in my suitcase or possibly my larger backpacking backpack with all my clothes in it.

    The second involves an 8 hour plane ride, now being that I'm going to be stuck near the window for 8 hours I'm probably going to need minimally 1 to 2 diapers a small container of wipes and that's probably it. The rest will be in my suitcase.

    Being IC is not really all that fun as you can imagine. But hey at least the diapers are more appealing then they were say 5 years ago.

    But back to the point. Yes a backpack as its as inconspicuous as you can get will probably be my first choice.

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    Any simple backpack, laptop bag, or briefcase works just fine as a diaper bag.

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    I found a backpack that was one of my kids from a year or so ago. It's mine now for the purpose of a diaper bag.

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    I did actually buy a changing bag from Amazon for a silly price in return for giving a review. whilst it's designed for babies, i find it great for when I'm out with my little boy.

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    I travel with three different kinds of kit. For everyday use there is what I normally refer to as the changing bag, which used to be a laptop case but is now a small coolbag that looks like lunch (although I don't normally eat a packed lunch, I often have to change plans or travel at short notice so it makes perfect sense that I might have one with me). It holds just enough for one average day, incluing four nappies, a couple of boosters, wet and dry wipes, disposal bags, disinfectant wipes and a spare pair of undies. There are enough supplies to deal with a few messy changes as well as wet ones. It is actually a little bit small so I'm looking to expand into something maybe 30% larger, which would allow for at least one night nappy, spare waterproof pants etc. I have thought of a backpack but it would be so much out of character for me it would stand out for a while, although I could introduce the backpack in another role first.

    Then there are the single-change packs that can be stuffed in the briefcase / laptop case when I can't take an extra bag along. Each pack contains one nappy and enough supplies in separate ziplocs to deal with a messy change, while the pack itself is a heavy grade ziploc that serves for disposal. At the other end of the scale is the travel kit that is primed and ready in my suitcase. This will last about a week depending on circumstances and is very comprehensive, including bed pads, day and night nappies, changes of waterproof pants and undies etc. For shorter trips I can either jettison half the nappies and take the rest of the travel kit, or take just my day bag plus a couple of single-use packs. Overall the system seems to be fairly well tuned, it's unusual to run out of anything nor does there seem to be too much effort lugging around stuff that doesn't get used.

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    I'm IC so I carry supplies with me pretty much everywhere. I use a smallish backpack (about 12L I think). Nobody bats an eye at a guy carrying a small backpack around town, to work or at the pub.

    It looks basically like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	backpack.png 
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    For a day at work or an evening at the pub I'll carry 2 nappies (though I'd only expect to use one, barring some kind of disaster), disposal bags, 2 or 3 catheters and a small bottle of hand sanitiser. For a whole day out, morning to evening, I'll go up to 3 nappies (expecting to use 2) and 4 catheters.

    The backpack also carries my other gear; tablet & charger, portable battery charger for my tablet & phone, e-cig and spare juice bottles. This time of year I also carry a lightweight waterproof jacket; it's too warm to wear it but you just KNOW it's gonna rain before the end of the day.

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