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Thread: US Diaper Brands

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    Default US Diaper Brands

    I'm currently staying just outside the DC area and was wondering what are the best diaper brands you can pick up from supermarkets? There's a CVS near me, a Giant not too far away and a Safeway just around the corner. I just picked up some GoodNites for now but was wondering about better brands? I prefer tape on diapers, pull ups often leak. I haven't checked if there are larger stores like Walmart or Target close by. Any recommendations would help, thanks!

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    It's hard to find good quality in the Supermarkets in the US. Idk what it's like in DC, but if it is like it is down here on the Gulf Coast, then your best bet is going to be Depends. If you can find some plastic backed ones then I'd recommend jumping on them, they're hard to find in them anymore. I found some Attends with Waistband in a Walmart once, and that's probably the highest quality thing I've found in a brick and mortar store in years.

    My entire diaper purchase every month exclusively comes online anymore.

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    It depends on your needs. CVS brand night and day fitted briefs can handle a slow average sized wetting, but not a flood. depends aren't that great. Goodnites are ok I think, haven't been able to wear them since I was a teen.

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    Sorry I forgot to mention, yeah I want like an adult diaper not baby / teen, like someone mentioned Depends.

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    I personally like the cvs brand adult overnight tab style briefs as my go to store brand diaper. if needed, I "boost" them with another diaper or a bladder control pad such as poise brand that I have cut holes into the backing of.

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    Don't get me wrong of course, I'm definitely not endorsing depends as being worth much of anything, I just have been let down by just about every store brand for years now. The last store brand that I wore regularly was Walmart's Assurance brand before they went cloth backed and massively dropped in quality. I've been ordering online ever since.

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    I am fairly certain that if you can find a fedex or ups shop you can have abu simple delivered there by the next day if you call abu cares directly and explain what your doing and to make sure they have the simple stocked at the Baltimore facility

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    I found your best bet is to find a medical supply store or diaper supply place. These tend to have tranquility and sometimes molicare. But they do typically have a better brand or two that will be 10 times better than any supermarket.

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    If you happen to be staying to the northeast of DC near I-95, and have a car, it's pretty close to the ABU warehouse in Elkridge MD, you could do a will-call and pick it up.

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    I'm currently staying near Bethesda, MD, i might see what I can do

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