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    A few weeks ago I tried medium diapers. Needless to say, they barely fit with my measurements (35", 37", 26").

    Now I'm losing weight, lost 2lbs with 34" waist, 35" hips and 24" thighs. If you wear mediums, what's your measurements and do they fit comfortably? Just so I know if I should hold off on the samples for a little bit or not.

    Looking to lose 15-20lbs at first with waist between 27-31" and hips 30-34"‬ for my current height (4'8") and weight (131lbs).

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    Could you describe the fit you're getting some more. How far apart are top/bottom the tapes coming together on the front panel? Are you taping them snug enough to still get just one or two fingers under the leg bands, and four fingers under the waist?

    If it's looser than this, and the tapes are nearly meeting each other on the front panel, then your diaper is probably sized too big. If it's just a matter of the diaper feeling too big by extending up to your belly button, then that's normal and how it should fit.

    Keep in mind that every diaper fits everyone differently too. The manufacturer's sizing charts are a good place to start, but you will still need to experiment with other brands, and sizes to.

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    Meaning that the fit was to tight at the time, upper tapes were okay but the bottoms were barely on the landing strip and the thighs were tight.

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    Default Comfortable medium measurements

    Answered my own question, large is too big now

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