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Thread: Girlfriend asked me for protection

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    Default Girlfriend asked me for protection

    Last night my girlfriend bled through her panty liner and got really frustrated and emotional about her menstral thing. She told me several stories about how normal girl pads don't work very well for her. She nervously asked me if I had any additional protection.

    Now I have a ton of diapers (I wear Confidry 24/7 and preschool plastic - 24/7), but I grabbed a old partial bag of Always discrete pullups and gave them to her. I told her it was no big deal and that I do not get freaked out by that sort of thing. She chickened out and didn't wear one last night, but she did put a bed pad down and joked how now we have matching bed pads.

    She has the day off work today, so I hoping that she may try one in private.

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    My 2 cents, you should encourage here to try one out. Don't push it too much, but be supportive. The pullup is a good place to start for her, as would be while at home. Though make sure to point out, the pullup is only one step up from a pad. If she ends up needing better protection, she has plenty of discreet options.

    Try and get her to at least realise how much better they work, as well as to try and get her to be more comfortable with wearing one. She doesn't "have" to use them if she doesn't want to, but they are better than dealing with leaks and the stress of it too.

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    My wife uses the protective underwear as a back up to her tampon.

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    I sleep in pull-ups when I'm on my period, since I can't guarantee I won't sleep longer than eight hours. I think it works wonderfully. And it doesn't feel wet like a menstrual pad.

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    For. a time, my wife would put one one when her cycle was at its worst. Now she won't do it, no matter how much it makes sense. I have some Always Descreet and some old Depends pull ups for this reason, but no luck on my end. The hot weather here lately doesn't help either. I know back when she did where a pull up, she never leaked.

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    Oh yeah, I could wear a pullup when on my period and never ever leaked. It is best to use it for one or the other though. Like unless you're incontinent, use the toilet like normal. Otherwise they end up still feeling wet, and you have to change them much more often.

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    See if your girlfriend is will to get a IUD. My wife has had one for 10+ years and now has very little to no menstruation.

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    My wife always asks for a goodnite when it's that time of the month it's pretty much the only time she will wear any kind of diaper without me asking her to. She says it's pretty much a pad but much better!

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