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Thread: so today was rough.

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    Default so today was rough.

    The word of the day is leakage. Not from my incontinence stuff but from my bladder. I didn't bring any backup stuff to work, and I really needed a diaper but didn't have one, nor anything else.

    Needed the comfort of a diaper as my pads barely held up. Tomorrow I'm going to try to wear my briefs and have a few backups.

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    Yeah, at least always keep a spare pair of pants and a spare diaper pack in your car or whatever.

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    Isn't this like your third thread, all about how your pads leak? You've clearly already told yourself they don't work, so why keep using them?

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    Allow me to introduce your new work lunchbox:

    It features a nice hard plastic removable insert that will prevent anything that spills (like a leaky can of pop, sweaty ice pack, or tupeprware ben dip that pops open) from making too much of a mess. The box is large enough to easily hold whatever you need for lunch, and is fairly well insulated on all sides. The front has a zip pouch perfect to stash little travel size bottles of talc, cream, and any other supplies you need.

    The magic is in the lid. There's a zipper that runs around the top, above the one that opens the lid. It opens a pocket in the lid that's the ideal size and shape for storing any but the widest of diapers, as well as a gallon ziploc or two and maybe a kitchen trash bag rolled up.

    I personally removed the pull tab from the upper zipper to make it hard to accidentally unzip the top. This is how I always have a diaper change with me at work or whenever I go on any short trip. This is of course in addition to having a similar supply stash in my vehicle, which I also recommend. I've had to use it three times so far, and have been very thankful each time.

    Walmart also carries other ozark trail can coolers of different sizes as well as a 6 can model with more side pouches.

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    pads alone are for gushes not full voids, you're playing russian roulette so to say with you pants if you use a pad and you have constant leakage or full voids.

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