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    the is for all who is a part of AB DL community we all need to be aware of people who are under age that want to Role play taught it may be fun you need to be sure how young is too young because things can go down hill very quick if your not caution espicaly over the internet there are people who may have a job may be out on their own but they are still underage so please please be mindful and aware of who your speaking over the internet because it can lead to some awackard and sad things happing to both you and those who your involved with ask questions like what your age is or are you in school or what grade your in because these will give you a general idea of who your talking with and then you determine weather or not to continue or cut it. because the last thing anyone wants is to be exposed for our secrets like that so just please be careful

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    In this community, everyone is 18 or older. Or at least we are supposed to be. That is the rule. As far as I know, the rules also state this is NOT a dating/role play community.

    It is true. When I was still a teen I messaged someone (nobody here) and was interested in role playing. We talked for a while. Turns out he was in his late 30s. And he had molested a child. Thankfully I was able to cut off contact and nothing happened between me and him. I was not that smart of a teen. Many teens have their desires overplay their common sense.

    If you are elsewhere where teens are allowed, use common sense. Interact with caution. It sucks when our reputation is ruined because of one or two "bad eggs" in the bunch. Most of us AB/DL/Littles are good people. It's the few bad ones that get media, attention, and reputation for us sadly.

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