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Thread: Plastic-backed Abena STILL in production

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    Default Plastic-backed Abena STILL in production

    Every time I contacted Abena, they told me that they no longer produce plastic-backed products.

    This is not the case. Please see attached picture.

    I recently purchased a bag of plastic-backed L4 from a reseller, and as you can see, these were manufactured by Abena in April 2017 and expire in 2022.

    I've sent Abena a follow-up e-mail asking them to explain why I was given incorrect information.

    If I get a reply, I'll let you all know.

    (Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong forum)

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    I think it's location dependent with plastic backed M4 and L4's only available in North America.

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    I didn't know diapers expired. New information to me

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    The plastic will stiffen up and be less strong after a few years and the adhesive for the tapes may degrade over time as well.

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    I fear the day Abena discontinues my favorite diaper. XP Medical was personally fighting the crusade to keep me in them, and by default keeping me as a customer. I fear the current company letting that fight go one day, and losing me as a customer.

    For now though, my preferred diaper remains in production and I'll keep buying them. If you're in the US, XP Medical has them.

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    They only make it for certain customers on request. We have to order it in 40ft containers directly from them in Denmark. They don't advertise that they make it, nor do they stock it for wholesale either. I believe it's only ourselves and SaveExpress in Germany who have it in Europe.

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    I would also wonder if the leg elastic bands wouldn't degrade over time. Some rubber bands turn very brittle when they get old. Not all, just some, depends on the rubber they use I'd imagine.

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    A few years back, Abena announced that the Abri-Form range would change to a cloth-like backing. In addition, they were launching a new range, called the Air Plus (aka Premium). The latter would be identical to the Abri-Forms, but with a breathable backsheet, and elastication in the tapes.

    A lot of people complained, saying they preferred the plastic-backed versions, but Abena pressed ahead anyway.

    Some large diaper retailers (XP Medical in particular, I think) pressured Abena to continue producing the plastic-backed diapers ONLY in M4 and L4 sizes.

    Despite this, Abena continues to insist (officially) that the plastic-backed versions have been discontinued.

    In the UK, virtually all retailers of Abena diapers only sell the "officially produced" cloth-like versions. The PE-backed version is still available from a few small niche DL sites in the UK.

    In the US, Abena seems to have unofficially replaced the clothlike Abri-Form M4/L4s with the PE-backed version to all retailers. So the only M4/L4 diapers with a clothlike-backing in the US are the Air Plus versions.

    Save Express in Germany initially dropped the plastic-backed Abri-Forms, but after several months they were back in stock. I presume they also managed to negotiate an "unofficial" deal with Abena.


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    Kind of interesting that they stamp it with an expiration date for 5 years after production. I wonder if there's any data or testing backing that up or if it's just a made up time period because they were required to put an expiration date on the product due to some law or regulation.

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    Plastic Abenas were made as special orders for xpmedical as far as I know last I checked.

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