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Thread: I finally told my wife!

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    Default I finally told my wife!

    The following story took place about a month ago. It may not seem like it, but this interaction along with recent other developments has lead to an open understanding about my desire to wear diapers around my wife, or my "special underpants" as she calls them.
    I'll follow up with detailed installments of how things developed, if people are interested.

    I finally told my wife!!
    Ive had a wetting and diaper fetish forever, but have never had the nerve to share that secret with anyone.
Well after countless beers and a couple of shots at home with the wife I finally conjured a plan to share my secret.
Sometimes when were just hanging out at home drinking well play 6 cup beer pong on our kitchen island. After two best of 7 series we grew bored with the game and were quite buzzed, but still wanted to play a game of some kind. At that point I coyly suggested playing truth or dare. (Knowing full well I was going to broach the subject)
It started out pretty mundane, nothing too crazy. A couple of truths like tell me what you like most about me, and our relationship blah blah blah. I then dared her to ruin across the backyard and touch the back fence in only her panties; which she did with very little hesitation.
It was then I knew she was drunk enough to open this can of worms. So when she chose truth next, I asked if there was anything kinky shed like me to do in the bedroom. To which she replied maybe be a little more assertive/aggressive. Perhaps some spanking and stuff along those lines. Nothing I wasnt already aware of, and not very exciting. I asked if she was sure there wasnt anything else, perhaps something she was too embarrassed to say. To which she replied, nope thats really it.After a few more truths and dares, she played right into my hand and asked if there was anything kinky in the bedroom Id be interested in. After some hemming and hawing, I finally shared that I might, kinda sorta have a thing for pee. Which prompted a slew of questions. I shared Im more into pants and panty wetting, which prompted even more questions. She was clearly not out off by this news and asked what if like her to do. I then shared one of my deepest fantasies saying it would be soo hot to have her sitting on my lap making out with me and then out of nowhere she would wet her panties. She asked if she could remove her pants first, but would leave the panties on. To which I replied hell yeah!
She sat on my lap and began passionately kissing me, and then managed to finally release the results of all our beer pong games in my lap.
When she finally finished going we continued to make out and I began rubbing her pussy through her Piss soaked panties.
Needles to say we were both extremely turned on and she said I want you to do me. A request I was more than happy to accommodate. So went inside and I took her right there on the floor next to the fireplace. It was a dream come true. However because I was also bursting from the beer pong, I was struggling to cum with such a full bladder. So I pulled out, and squirted a couple jets of warm piss on her chest and stomach and went back to seeing her. She didnt mind at all and I exploded inside her shortly there after.
    After we cleaned up we talked more about my interests. She admitted it was extremely hot seeing how turned on I was by the whole thing, and said this is something shed definitely be into doing again. Before the night was over I placed an Amazon order for a waterproof mattress protector so that things like this could happen organically in bed.
    So there it is, my secret is out and my wife could not have been more understanding and accommodating.
Im certainly one lucky guy. Ive replayed that night in my head a hundred times, and cannot wait for the next installment.

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    I appreciate that someone that read my story actually replied. Feedback is sometimes scarce for me.
    What's I didn't share was that she mentioned how relieved she was to learn this knowing she (like her mother) struggle with urge incontinence, and feared they someday she may be forced to resort to diapers/pads of some sort.
    At that point i managed to slip on the fact that I also kinda have a thing for diapers. Again she was not put off but had some questions.
    We didn't dive too deep down that rabbit hole, but she's relieved to know I find that sexy as fu**.
    We've had some talks about that since, but since she's a nurse she's made it abundantly clear that'd probably not her cup of tea.
    Regardless, she did say she's open to exploring some aspects, but doesn't want it to feel "clinical"
    Baby steps I guess. But still....My wife is awesome!

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    I have told my girlfriend/fiance and things didn't go as nicely but I'll share that in time. Enjoy that she is understanding.

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    My wife is not into wearing herself, but she does routinely put me in a diaper nightly, even when I'm already in bed with the covers, she comes over & says "Let's get your diapers on," So lucky.

    She's disabled & is accomodating me since I've taken care of her for so long, but she gets onto it some I think.

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    Since my interests have come out into the open, we've talked extensively about my desire to wear. She's been adamant that she cannot wrap her head around finding diapers sexy, and would likely never be ok with involving them during our sexy times. However, I inquired "What if sexy times are not in the plans that day? Would it offend you if you came home from work one day and I was randomly wearing a diaper?"
    Her response was how could I even tell?

    At that point I mentioned the tell tale crinkle would be a dead giveaway. her response was "who cares, they're just special underwear, if you wanted to wear them around I wouldn't be mad. Just be mindful of your skins health." (She's a skin care nurse and is very concerned with diaper rash)

    With that in mind I've worn around her, at the house several times since, and she's never seemed to notice. I've even worn to bed with zero negative feedback from her.

    While wearing around her, I was always nervous she'd notice or have a reaction. But because she never said anything I wasn't sure if she didn't notice, or didn't mind.
    Turns out she's never noticed.
    She told me she was oblivious the other day when I told her I wore all evening and overnight on Tuesday.

    Since learning she really is OK with my wierd fascination, I've ordered several accessories from Amazon that I've always wanted to try.
    Picked up a couple of cloth AIO'S and stuffer pads, as well as some quality plastic pants. I've worn all of it around her (discreetly) and she's been fine with it.
    Discreetly except for in bed that is. I've been sleeping in only a diaper and plastic pants. It's been amazing to be the big spoon and hold her close to me pressing my warm diaper against her butt.

    - - - Updated - - -

    BTW, the link below is to one of the AIOs I ordered. I've never worn cloth before, but I think I'm in love.

    Happy Endings Teen / Adult Hook & Loop Closure Reusable Cloth Diaper Incontinence - White

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    It's great that your wife is accepting, but just be careful not to bring on too much too fast.

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    Oh believe me, that is a genuine concern of mine.
    While she hasn't noticed every time I've worn around her, I haven't volunteered the details she overlooked.
    In fact when I had the realization that she was indeed oblivious when I've worn previously I was relieved, but a tad concerned.

    After continually thanking her for being so open minded, I made her swear to me she would tell me immediately if she thought I was going overboard or taking advantage and wearing too often.
    I'm very mindful of the situation and don't want to screw anything up.

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    This is a great development!

    My wife knows I wear when working outside or running (thanks to a small bladder), but I don't think she knows I wear for enjoyment a lot more than that.

    Although, as I've mentioned before, she seems to swat my butt more when I'm wearing than not, so maybe she does know and I've just been fooling myself this whole time.

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