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    Im debating on whether or not i should diaper up or just use a pad for work. With my first in public being diapered it seemed okay no one noticed. However pad vs diaper
    pads wont hold a major flow incident if i so have one, diapers will. However ive been in my pads at work (they are kind of tick) and no one seemed to notice, so maybe to play it safe, a diaper or the briefs i have (they are all the same thickness just about) should be worn.

    As a side note, work doesn't know about my issue with my bladder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scbaby View Post
    issue with my bladder.
    Wear whatever you think will work for you. You don't have to worry about "playing it safe" or whatever. You have a medical condition and the right to wear whatever medical equipment needed to manage it.

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    Thank you that makes me feel much better.

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    Best to have too much protection than not enough. Wear the Diaper and live your life to the fullest. Do not let Incontinence get into your way of living or earning money.

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    Think of it this way. What's more noticable? A pad (or even a thin diaper) which has leaked, or a thick diaper which had done its job.

    Don't worry about the bulk down there, or even any crinkling noise. You've probably seen it here hundreds of times- people... do... not... notice...
    Just wear what what you need.

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    If you're prone to heavy accidents, I would pad up as needed. A wet spot is way more noticeable than a diaper bulge.

    I've gone out in thick stuffed ABU diapers. No one seemed to notice, or didn't say anything. I wear loose clothing and wear a onesie and form fitting underwear.

    However, you have a choice of how much protection you actually need and want. It might also be uncomfortable to have a tremendous amount of bulk in between your legs while working and walking all day. So choose wisely.

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