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Thread: i want to try being a little

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    Default i want to try being a little

    Where does one begin on this journey?

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    The hardest parts are accepting yourself that this is the way that you want to be and to also find a caregiver to help you live out the way you want to be. ABDL/Little clothing, diapers, and accessories are widely available and can be obtained. But the hard parts are accepting yourself and finding someone else who does as well. Best of luck to you though.

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    Hi scbaby

    First thing I would say is don't try to hard. You will just end up age playing.

    Little space is more about getting into the mindset of an infant.

    Not sure how much detail you would like me to go into. As I can rabbit on about it

    If you are on your own. Turn off the adult world around you as much as posable. Relax and do something that you enjoy or use to enjoy when you where growing up.

    You can't get it wrong as it ok to go out side the lines.

    Enjoy being little, I think it great.


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    Default i want to try being a little

    Scbaby, it might help to understand why you want to try being Little. What is it about being Little that seems attractive to you? For myself, being Little goes beyond putting on a diaper and some baby clothes. It is more a State of Mind, or rather a State of Feeling. I like to recreate the feelings of being a young child, of being vulnerable but safe and cared for, and being curious and playful and snuggley (if any of that makes sense).

    So, what do you want to get out of it?

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    For me, being a little involves many things. It also depends if you want to be a little boy or a little girl. As a little girl I like to wear my hair in pigtails with bows, wear tutus and frilly dresses, read kids books, watch kids tv, suck on pacifiers, drink from bottles, wear diapers, and cuddle stuffed animals and color. All these are little things to me. Try to find what makes YOU happy. It's really about what you want and what age you want to be.

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    I really enjoy being pampered, diapered, and have play that is just for littles. I also love the idea of being small again. And leaving the adult life behind for a while. Not sure if this is part of it or is common among littles but nursing would be on the list. I would need a mommy for that.

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    Try a local store, look at the toys section. Lots of cool stuff there that I never was able to get when I was little. I like the rush of buying a new toy. I tend to keep to practical stuff that can also double as a collectible item so that I can get away with it.

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