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Thread: so relaxed, dry at the moment but thatll change

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    Default so relaxed, dry at the moment but thatll change

    Does anyone just sit back with a diaper on and just relax? Hell i even have a glass of wine with me.
    I just feel so comfortable in my diaper on my couch with a glass of Cabernet.

    I am relaxed for the first time in a long time and it feels great.

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    Sure why not? It's a good stress reliever for me.

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    I think all of us who have access to diapers and being able to wear them at home, do and enjoy the feeling. I'm either in Baby Pants training pants or a diaper. I haven't wore underpants since my last visit to the doctor.

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    I cover my diaper with my boxers to reduce the noise but at home im definately diaper clad. And very comfortable

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    For me wearing a diaper is a form of stress relief so I often will wear and just relax reading, watching TV, doing something on the computer or something similar.

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    It feels weird. Im lettting myself breath and all i want is to be back in my diaper. I have had much water so that may be an issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scbaby View Post
    Im lettting myself breath

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    After a little wetting i like walking around. Feeling the warm and feeling the weight pulling on my wet diaper. Its such a nice feeling.


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    Gee SC you really love your diapers. Its like you are reborn.

    I myself must admit I feel like a new person too. I just wet mine while doing research on line, but mine leaked a few drops, so I must look for better brands as having those leaks does take the fun out of wearing them.

    Glad you found your happiness, and can't wait to hear the juicy details of your night two.

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    Night 2 was just as magical as my first. I woke up soaking wet no leaks this time, i guess i adjusted the diaper correctly. I didnt get up right away, i just layed there in my diaper, feeling good, feeling warm, i wet a little more too. Sat up and got ready for the start of my day. And thats where we are now!!!

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