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Thread: Is it normal for an adult male to ageplay as a little girl?

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    Default Is it normal for an adult male to ageplay as a little girl?

    I've recently started ageplaying as a little girl, and find it for fulfilling than ageplaying as a little boy. Is this normal?

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    Yes it is there are a lot of Sissy's out there.
    If it brings you Joy then what's wrong nothing.
    I know a few guys that play as little girls .

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    I'd say it's normal for ABs. I occasionally like mentally wandering into the sissy realm. I couldn't explain why but I'm sure it's psychologically connected to being AB/DL. I wear girl Goodnites and I have as many pink kitten and cupcake Baby Pants training pants as I do the blue, cars and trucks, etc. It just seems to go with the territory.

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    Having fantasies is normal. Many of us here carry our fantasies closer to the border of reality than most. As long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality, and don't start actually believing the fantasy, you're OK.

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    "Normal" is not the word I'd use for describing any of us... ^_^;;

    As Dogboy says, among ABs I think it's not uncommon to try some gender bending play. Many of us enjoy the AB world because of the innocence we can experience or because of the pampering and coddling we can get - little girls get both of that up through older ages than boys.

    Besides girls get the cuter clothes!
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    Some good advice above and sums up the discussion well. It is less about what is normal and more about expressing yourself in a way that is safe for you and others around you. Only you will know what your comfort level is and only you can create a scenario that is fulfilling.

    I agree with the sentiments that many who identify on the ABDL spectrum also have tendencies towards role playing in a different gender. That is not to say both always go hand in hand but the connections are easy to make and both can crossover on many levels.

    One aspect I have noticed that seems to overlap the most is the embarrassment/humiliation angle that sissies can indulge in at times. One adult baby I used to play with enjoyed being dressed like a little girl and would want to be told they were a boy being 'made' into a babygirl.

    The cute factor is definitely another aspect I have come across. Rightly or wrongly society can deem babygirl clothes and colours as 'cuter' and maybe this aids the regression process. I do not think it is far fetched to imagine many ABDL folk want to take their regression to a new level of escapism. And what better way than to be completely removed from your gender as well as age.

    The motivations to gender bend are not really all that important though. You have to decide what is right for you and what you need from your playtime. Trying new baby items or a sissy dress is fine. Expressing ourselves in ways that create happiness is very fulfilling and this is what you should concentrate on.

    Nobody can tell you what to indulge in or the right way to regress. Have fun experimenting with gender and see where your thoughts take you. If something does not feel right, try putting a new spin on it or something altogether different. Normal is boring, be YOU!

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    I also do some minor gender bending nothing wrong with it I am not hurting anyone or myself and I know I am a guy who is just "playing" as a little girl no harm done. I guess this is all I can say for now.

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    Obviously we're uncommon to start with and your situation is uncommon within that. I think having fantasies and giving yourself the freedom to explore them in the right situations is very normal.

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    I've flirted with the idea of labeling myself a "sissy" because my diaper fantasies tend to fall on the girly end of the spectrum. In diaper prints and diaper accessories, I have a strong preference for the girl stuff. It's interesting, but while I don't know why I like diapers in the first place, I have a pretty good theory on why I have these sissy inclinations: When I was young and first exploring my diaper interests, it just so happened that almost all of the diaper-age children I knew were girls. My younger sister was one, as were the younger siblings of two of my neighbor-friends. And then there were several other children of family friends who were in diapers, all but one of them girls. I was generally very envious of younger children in diapers, and because almost all of those I knew happened to be girls, it was inevitable that many of their real-life, girl-toddler-in-diapers experiences came to be focal points of my own role-play.

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    hi. I enjoy being pretty and it's as normal as anything else. If my playmates don't mind cool. If others don't like it they can find someplace else to play. But it's something you basically have to hunt for playmates in the first place, and they have to be searching too... you're 'pretty' much in the company of others who are also into our way of having fun.

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