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Thread: what triggers your purge

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    Default what triggers your purge

    what triggers your purge?

    me...watching xxx/masturbating/going sexual.

    if i can stay clear of those, i avoid the purge mode

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    Super stress. Too much work or relationship or life I general

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    Thankfully, I don't believe anything does anymore. I guess there's always the chance in the future but it's been many years since I had those feelings at all, much less yielded to them.

    Back when I felt that way, it was likely to be caused by nearly getting caught or pushing myself to do something that had previously been out of my comfort zone. Coming down from that high of excitement sometimes resulted in feelings that I was out of control and should stop everything. These days, I think I put it all in better perspective. Although I still push beyond my comfort zone now and again, the results are either a resetting of that zone or an understanding that that particular thing isn't for me.

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    I'm like trevor, as I haven't had a purge in like 12 yrs, yes there was a time that I wasn't really interested in wearing, but I never threw anything out or felt self denial. Now that I'm in my early 30's I basically accepted myself, I have met real like minded people that I keep up with on day to day interactions..i actually like this side of me.

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    Personally, until recently, its been a number of years since I've worn. Sometimes I think it just started to get in the way of life, kind of like an addiction. I've always had some intermittent bedwetting and it has been quite some time since that has been a real problem, so I haven't needed them per se. That being said, I've had some stress lately and have started to wear secretly. I'm using depends real fit. I know its not a great diaper but its all I can manage right now. It gives me the chance to enjoy that wet diaper feeling. Because of some medication I'm on I notice that I need to urinate often so I wouldn't be surprised if the bedwetting returned at some point. If it does I'd like to try the conficare 24/7. They look like an awsome diaper. Other things that trigger a purge? Too much stress. Too much self pleasuring. Could be other things but I'm tired now and not thinking too clearly. Thanks for letting me ramble.

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    Conficare 24/7 area great one for sure.

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    I haven't purged in decades. To stop, you need to wear when you really don't want to, and to not stop wearing them when you do want to purge. In other words, level out the highs and lows. Eventually they dissapear all together.

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    Fear of getting caught / not worth it at the time.

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