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Thread: First Diapered Business Trip!

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    Default First Diapered Business Trip!

    I have a 3 day stay in a hotel for a business trip that I am attending all by myself (the spouse couldn't make it because of work). And I'm actually brave enough to be diapered! I won't be wearing 24/7 because this is my first time ever trying anything like this! I even wore on my car trip up to where I'm staying- about 2 hours. That was also the longest time I've been wearing in a vehicle and man was that a long trip! I had terrifying thoughts of being stopped for speeding or something. . . but moving on.

    I was very concerned when I got here because the pants I was wearing were a little tighter than I would have liked, but I was completely dry when I checked into the hotel at the front desk. Thank you adisc community for your posts about "nobody's going to notice or even care"- they reallly don't! You all are wonderful! Once I got into my hotel room, I took a deep breath and relaxed. I hadn't intended on wearing into the hotel, but I took a wrong turn- curse you Siri!- and I had to navigate my way back to the right road. And then I discovered that the hotel's parking lot is being resurfaced, so all of the cars are now parked very close together. I wasn't about to try and take it off out there!

    I'm hoping to hit a medical supply store for a decent brand, because I'm very new at this and I wasn't about to have anything shipped to my house. I had a urology appointment a few weeks ago and was able to use that as an excuse to begin exploring this world, but all I could find locally in my town were Depends briefs from Walmart. I doubled up with them, but I want to try a "real" diaper. There is a Walgreen's just 2 blocks away and since I've got to start somewhere, perhaps the base store brand (I know, I've seen all over the place here that they suck) will serve its purpose as I work my way up to better brands!

    I'm hoping that after this experience, I'll be able to "come out" to my spouse- since I'll have some evidence along the lines of "so this is something I've tried and I want to continue. . ." and thereby reduce the "What the heck are you talking about?!" expected reaction.

    Thanks for listening/reading and for all of the great support I've found here. Again, you all are great people!

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    You are a brave soul. I wore out in public for the first time today and man oh man i was terrified, but then i remembered what a poster on ADISC sais and you said it too, no one noticesd and if they did they didnt care.

    I entered into the Diaper lifestyle no more than 24 hours ago, and its become second nature to have a diaper on. Plus im also IC due to a bladder nerve issue (it likes to release at random especially at night). But its a beautiful experience with your first wet diaper whether its overnight or while you are awake its truely amazing.


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    Skip looking for diapers in any major chain store, they all suck. Do an online search for medical supply stores in your area. They usually carry half-decent diapers that are ok enough in a pinch.

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