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Thread: An introduction to wearing diapers

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    Default An introduction to wearing diapers

    I stumbled across an incontinance website containing a PDF explaining everything you could ever want to know about diapers and incontinace. I thought it might help some of those who are just beginning their diaper journey.

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    Thank you. This is sure to be an excellent resource!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LittleManAlex View Post
    A very good resource.
    The title caught my eye and I found these comments to be very nice to read as I am the author of the paper!

    I am glad you found my paper interesting. I wanted to help other people find information that I had difficulty finding when I needed it most.

    I have continued to expand the paper and am in the process of turning it into a book on the broader topic of managing bowel or bladder incontinence - to be published on Amazon Kindle. My co-author is a Physician's Assistant in neurology who also is double incontinent and wears 24/7. We looked at the available books on managing incontinence and found them to be superficial, with mostly feel-good advice and lacking the details an incontinent rally needs. Then we realized that none of the authors were themselves incontinent. We felt we could do better - and we have. In Amazon Kindle format we have written about 300 pages. What makes this book different is that we are violating some taboos in order to give the very specific (but not offensive) information that incontinents really need but have so much difficulty finding. Even some physicians have asked for a copy, saying "They don't teach us this in medical school."

    In addition to the expected, we even address the following: do diapers expire?, diaper suspenders, dating in diapers, "stealth" diapering," enemas and anal plugs for fecal incontinence, incontinence and sex, diapering with the penis "up" or "down," diaper and menstruation, avoiding cloth diaper "funk," double diapering, should you apologize for a bowel accident?, super-absorbent diapers, diapers and depression, one-handed diapering, digital rectal stimulation, shaving your privates, diaper dependency and how to avoid it, Kegel exercises, changing in public, changing a messy diaper, cloth diaper techniques, adult training pants, the secrets to diaper absorbency ratings, and much more.

    Although directed toward incontinents, there is much that would be of interest to the AB/DL community.


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    That's awesome John! Fine work you are doing! So many of the questions posted on this site are directly and thoroughly addressed in the paper. It has been a great resource for me and I would imagine many others who struggle with incontinence. Do you have a date set for the release of the book? I'd be interested in buying a copy.

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    Just be careful on ICsupport. They are extremely paranoid of ABDLs, and think were all in it for the fetish, sex, and pedophilia. I used to comment on there a lot, but got banned in spite of being incontinent and never bring up abdl topics.

    The reason I was told, and no kidding, os that my user name "b brian" was innapropriate. Just another bs reason I've gotten because someone else with a narrow view was easily offended. The real reason, one of their members there had started a diapers supply charity at a different website. I donated to their charity using my usual "baby brian" user name. And guess what, that member was also an admin on ICsupport.

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    Thanks for the encouragement.

    We are still writing the book and have yet to work out the cover graphics, etc. We are months away from publication. I do not want to violate any rules by appearing to market a commercial product in this forum so I will check with the moderators when we are ready with regard to an appropriate announcement.


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    JD I cannot wait for your book! Maybe this is silly but I can I get a signed copy from my bud himself?

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    Absolutely! Of course, it will have to be a digital signature.


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