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    So im IC, bladder nerve issue. How do you all handle night time incontinence?
    Im am in my mid 30s and have been suffering from this since my teenage years. Pads and liner type things work fine for daytime but bed pads dont work well for me and my night time incontenence is getting worse to the point i decided a briefe or diaper was the best course of action.

    Im considering a brief or diaper for daytime.
    Nights are the worst for me. Any advice is appriciated.

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    Use diaper. But different places and times demand different diapers

    Night time:

    Tena active fit Maxi or ID Slip super ( both PE) colder months
    Tena Ultima ( cloth backed) fro warmer months

    Daytime home:

    Tena Flex Plus or Super ( clothbacked, velctro tapes, belted) warmer months , you will able too re-tape them several times if you can go to toilet on time
    Tena active fit Plus ( PE ) fits geat, If you taped them less tight and use some brief underwear to compress them, you can use them in sam way as Tena Flex

    Daytime out:

    Tena Active Fit Plus
    Attends Active slip 10 ( two tapes, hybrid between classical and belted diapers , PE, sides cloth) Gives excellent mobility and protection,discreet.

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    I use diapers too being incontinent. Different situations also

    Night Time:

    Bambino Magnifico or ABU Little Pawz

    Daytime home:

    ABU Little Pawz or ABU Preschool cloth backed

    Daytime out:

    ABU Preschool or Baby-pants training pants with extra stuffers and a pair of plastic pants

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    Double-thick cloth diapers and pull-on plastic pants work very well for me at night.

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    I've done a lot of combinations over the years. Tranquility ATN's are useful if you're wanting a budget option. Lately I've been using Abean AbriForm L4s prettymuch exclusively, day and night. During the day I'll wear them as is, and for my nighttime usage or if I'm going to be out out for a while I'll put an AbriLet Maxi booster in it.

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    At night I look like the love child of the Pillsbury dough boy and the Michelin man ,i can handle whatever comes awake , my sleep is all messed up I wear diapers and the bed wears diapers if either one fails there's a back up plan ,
    I wear super heavyweight night diapers , with triple liners , rubber bloomers over top and a onesie, sleeping for me is either feast or famine I can sleep 16 hours strait or go to bed and not sleep weeks at a time , I have several severe sleep disorders as well as PTSD and use lots of benzo's to try and force the situation it's not always possible , no matter what when I go to bed I want to be sure I am prepared for anything, no surprizes, I recommend to anyone IC over diaper for the worst possible scenarion and you will never wake up and be caught out by what happened over night.

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    What position you sleep in, and how well hydrated you are (how much you wet at night) are going to make a big difference for what you need. I can say for one thing though, no pad is going to be enough for overnight.

    I sleep on my side, and drink the recommended (8) 8oz glasses of water we're supposed to (that's nearly 2 litres by the way).

    The only disposable diaper I know of which will handle my overnight needs on its own is Betterdry/Crinlz. However, I have also been able to get Confidry to work by adding a small baby diaper booster and cupping it over my penis. This quickly absorbs any flooding and redirects my pee back to the center of the diaper, slowly as the baby diaper leaks over.

    With either of these, I might get a leak once every two months at the most.

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    I've been bedwetting for a couple of years. I use terrycloth pin-on diapers at home and disposable diapers away from home.

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    my diapers are prescribed, but i've got some product choices and when at home i can get the job done with some pants super, and when going out i rather choose some real diapers because it's less hassle to change.
    at night time i can also go to the trusty cloth diapers with velcro..

    in my case upgrading to nightime diapers and pants with more absorbency, did the trick, also using pvc pants is another leak guard and a huge step into not being scared to leak...

    a loving friend told me about my shirt riding up and showing a small bit of my diaper...
    i've consulted my pharmacy IC hostess, and she told me to try out a onesie..
    tried it fell in love and never looked back !

    the reason why i'm responding in a bigger answer is because life has to be as safe and comfortable as possible
    hope i've helped a bit !

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    So I don't know how severe the incontinence is but for me only confidry 24/7 has managed to work for me during the night. I also have bowel accident in the night and not woken up for it so containment is important.... Plus plastic pants to stop any smell.

    I wear confidry's for both day and night since my incontinence is pretty bad no matter what time.
    I'd say if your incontinence is affecting your doing things briefs/diaries are better to move to do you can not worry about leaking or anything.

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