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    Default loving being diapered

    Im sorry im posting a lot. But being diapered is new and exciting. I have used pad in my undies before. But being able to let completly go is much more enjoyable than trying to run to a bathroom especially if im in a crowded place like the mall or in a location where restooms are limited.

    This makes my life easy. I am somewhat IC, and a DL. My first diaper was yesterday. As i said in my previous posting with in an hour i wet.

    This weekend has been full of firsts for me, diapers, wetting them, i messed one last night, and today was in public diapered.

    I love knowing that i can wet and not have any issues and or embarassing leak marks on my pants or clothing.

    Im also very glad i found this forum. Support from DLs and IC folks. I fit both catagories.

    Im loving this new lifestyle that i have adopted. I dont think im going back, plus i really cant because of my bladder nerve issue.

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    I just wet for the thrid time in an hour. Time for a change.

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