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Thread: What is your daiily routine?

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    Default What is your daiily routine?

    I think this has been started before and may already be a closed thread. But I was wondering does anyone else have a daily routine when they are in "little space"? I am usually in this mode on my days/nights off from work. This is the routine that I use:

    7AM: Wake up
    7:30 AM: Breakfast
    8:00 AM: Morning diaper change
    8:30 AM-12PM: TV and playtime
    12:30 PM: Lunch
    1:00PM: Afternoon diaper check/change
    1:30PM-4:00PM: Naptime
    4:00: After nap diaper check/change
    4:30-6:00PM: Afternoon playtime (may or may not include TV)
    6:00PM: Dinner
    6:45PM-7:30PM: Playtime (may or may not include TV)
    7:30PM: Bath time
    8:30PM: Put in fresh diaper and PJ's and off to bed

    This is pretty much my "little space" routine when I have a few days off from work. What is your routine if you have one?

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    7.00 Text Isaac good morning and get him up.
    8.00 Text him to see if he as left for the bus and he has had breakfast that is more that a cholate bar from the shop.
    9.00 his school day stars
    1.00 ish Isaac texts me to tell me about his morning and i make sure he has had lounch.

    4.00 /5.00 ish Isaac tell me that he is home

    8.00 ish we have our skype call. and bed time story.

    11.00 I tell him to go to sleep.

    something like that each day differant


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