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Thread: night one with a diaper on the books

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    Default night one with a diaper on the books

    This was a magical experience. Layed there in bed with a nice fresh diaper on, slowly faded into sleep, woke up around 5 am (fairly typical for me) diaper full and warm. It did leak a tiny bit, but that's okay. Being able to not have to get up 2 or 3 times was a blessing. As I have mentioned I have a nerve issue with my bladder and it sometimes releases urine randomly. For this I've been to a urologist they can do surgery to fix it but the risk is becoming increasingly or completely incontinent.
    Any who. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I enjoyed it so much it's going to have a repeat performance tonight.

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    Perhaps a thicker diaper will help you get through the night along with a pair of plastic pants for keeping most of the leaks in.

    Otherwise I'm glad you're able to get a better night's rest.

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    Happy for you. The way you described it you can tell it was beyond amazing! Well I hope tonight you have a great experience too.

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    I loved waking up wet, that was probably my favorite part. I felt liberated knowing that my diaper did its job. Tonight i hope will be the same or better.

    Prior to bed i sat around in my diaper and i wet 3 or 4 times and it felt good, not having to wake anyone up to use the bathroom. Able to sit enjoy a tv show and just be able to let my already messed up bladder do its thing.

    Further background, my bladder spasms and when it does i tent to release urine. Being diapered gives me a sense of freedom knowing my diaper will catch it all.

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    i wear to bed all the time, but I have never been blessed to wake up wet. Hmmm..with the house to myself this weekend, maybe tonight I will drink extra water and dream about bathrooms :-)

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    Yes. Waking up wet is a super amazing experience. I did drink a ton of water last night it helped.

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    I have ordered some from rearZ they are the black ones specifically for Night use.

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