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Thread: 'Ello! Just your average Diapered Eevee here.

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    Default 'Ello! Just your average Diapered Eevee here.

    Hello there, I'm just here giving an average introduction of my fluff butt self cause y'know, why not.
    First off, I'm Darklight the Eevee, a Diaper/Babyfur who pretty much does RP for most of his free time. I do work, but even so I still try to get back to reply to my RPs. I am super detailed in World Creation in my RPs as I'm not a huge fan of just being in a nursery or daycare or house for an entire RP. Outside of RPing I do go to a University and study Architecture. I play a ton of video games, probably more than I should, that said if you want to play with me I don't really play games with my friends, nothing personal it's just it never comes to mind. If you ever want to do an RP with me, send me a reply on here and I can send you one of my messenger names so we could start something up!
    Oh, and one last thing, I am horrible with small talk. I don't like talking to begin with online for some reason, I just find it boring, meaning I am pretty much RP Only. Sorry!
    -Darklight The Eevee

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    Hi Darklight,
    welcome to the group. when i first saw your your name I misread it as dark knight, and thought Sir Cliff Richard had joined us, as that was a title he used to get air play on Radio 1 in the UK after they said he was too old for their target audience.

    Whilst I can understand that you only want to RP, ADISC is a social community and as such limiting yourself to just one subject means you will miss out on everything else the community has to offer.

    Might I suggest you read the ADISC Intro, Rules and Tips page (there is a link at the top of most pages), which might give you a few ideas.

    Also have a read through the forums you may well find things or threads that you are interested in. You will find that the more you put into the community the more you will get out.

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